Projection Mapping Animates Digital Makeup In Real Time


Using a combination of motion tracking and projection mapping to create amazing digital makeup animated onto a moving model.

Amazing Pencil Lead Miniature Sculpture Pictures

These amazing sculpture and pencil art was created by Dalton Ghetti. It is astonishing to think that this man had the patience and precision in dealing with something so fragile. Looking at the detail of all the miniature sculptures and to think it was done by hand is unbelievable. You have to look at his whole collection to fully appreciate the time and work that has gone into his work of arts, no matter how small they seem.


Spectacular Sand Sculptures

In 2008, the Annual Sand Sculpture Festival was held on a Portuguese beach. It was open to the public in Pera on May 22. It is said to be that there is a total of 60 huge sculptures made by professional and amateur artists from around the globe. Last year the theme was 'Hollywood' this included superhero, action, scifi and non-fictional characters from all sorts of movies. The artists used more then 35,000 tons of sand to create these wonderful works of art.


Amazing works of Banksy

Banksy is an amazing street artist. He has drawn and painted numerous works of art appearing for the public to find in the morning. Banksy is a master mind of street art, he carries out works at night and paints pictures sometimes as big a building wall.


Street Art

I've been browsing the web looking for street art lately to drive inspiration. Here is a nice collection of graffiti street art. The optical illusions set is very nice.