Projection Mapping Animates Digital Makeup In Real Time

Using a combination of motion tracking and projection mapping, Japanese producer and technical director Nobumichi Asai creates amazing digital makeup animated onto a moving model. His previous work includes working on Microsoft Kinect and many building projections.

Upon first watching the video it is easy to confuse this with CGI, which is what makes it so impressive and incredible.

In recent years 3D entertainment has taken over the film industry with blockbusters such as Avatar that have impressed us all with its surreal 3D CGI and animations. Ever wondered what the next big thing to hit the theatres and complete change the way we watch live performance?

...Well it's already here!

What is Projection Mapping, you may ask? Well, it is the art of focusing light on any object to present the illusion of movement and/or depth.

If I could take you back to the beginning of the year, the New Year countdown was projected on a building for all to see in Central London using the same concepts Asai used in his production.


A production such as this could be used on a theatrical stage to enhance live performances and essentially be used to generate more and more of the younger generation's interest.

Look at what the Tupac Shakur hologram done at Coachella 2012, Projection Mapping could bring a similar experience to theatre.


Other uses of such technology could be to project bone breaks and fractures onto patients to show them better how badly or not they are injured. Also, practices such as an autopsy, could benefit hugely by using projection mapping to help report, explain and demonstrate findings.

Do you think this technology could ever find its way into greater things than just a production? Comment below.