Interview with Neil Hooson of

I started in the design field in 1996, right after completing a computer animation course at a local college. I thought, as a freelance animator, I'd be in high demand. But, I didn't really do any local market research so I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I found myself having to pick up new skills such as web design, HTML because those were the types of jobs that were plentiful at the time. I freelanced (went broke) for a year and then found a full-time job as an HTML programmer for an online publishing company.

Interview with Michael Marsden of

Well, it all started when I became a news hound for the now defunct Llamanet gaming network around 5 years ago. The news scripts were rather dependant on HTML tags, so I spent a little while learning them. In time this progressed onto little banners for the network which, of course, required Photoshop and its been on my system ever since! When the people from Llamanet reformed to create GibWorld I helped them make a few of their web interfaces with my fledgling design skills. Admittedly my work was very basic back then, but I suppose it worked for kind of site we were running. Looking back, I'm very happy with where I am now, but it kinda makes me feel guilty I didn't spent even more time over the years designing instead of playing games.

Interview with Ender Diril of

My nick is Art DJ. First I want to do a showplace for my works and I decided to do a web site because people can see my works. I found a name 4 myself Art DJ. Because I use a simple photo and it became really different path with my skills so it became my vision. That’s the reason my nick is Art DJ I change photos so I made an Art then I change photos like DJ's did change songs.

Interview with Andy Sørensen of

Im from Denmark and still living here. Im currently studying to become a Multimedia Integrator at Digital Media Aalborg. I live with my girlfriend in the fourth biggest city in Denmark called Aalborg. My hobbies, well of cause making graphics, designs, flash and so on, but i'm also playing soccer which is great because sitting so much in front of a computer requires that you have something totally different to abstract from. I like to abstract a bit from the computer now. For not such a long time ago i spent all (almost) my time infront of the computer. That's not healthy - I figured.

Interview with Mike Pacific of

I started in web development way back when in the ages of AOL and the Web Diner. It had to have been 7 or 8 years now. I did the usual AOLer pages and then I wanted more, so I picked up Photoshop 4, and AOLPress *cough* and went to town. I then progressed through several personal sites. I joined the DeskMod team in December of 1999 as an administrator. From there I became a head administrator a few months later. In November of 2001, just before we relaunched from the site crash, I was asked to be a partner with David Gorman, to which I enthusiastically accepted. And the rest is history.

Interview with Thomas Winsnes of

My adventure into the world of web design and digital art started when I made my first homepage at the age of 9. I don't remember what the site was about, but I remember some of the design. I have a tendency to remember pictures much better than text. I made all the design error you can make on that site. I even had multicolored gifs as background. And off course they were set to repeated. Blinking text was a must. And I didn't even take one class to learn that. I've been a bit on and off the 9 years after that and have tried myself in many fields, but ended as a web designer. I loved to make designs so I figured I could make a site about it. I'm pretty happy where I am right now. Of course I could have done things different, but why think about that when I can rather enjoy what I have now.

Interview with Tan Wei Heng of

When it comes to comment, I can only tell that each site need efforts to make it a great one. It is coming along great. Improvement that I would like to see would be a new interface and good contents. That is what most people like to see when they surf a site.

Interview with Mikael Cedergren of

I grew up in a rather small harbour city in south Sweden, went to school there, and got my first job as a web designer and graphic artist there. However, many other tasks was included in my job description so I tried about everything in the computer world. About a year later I got employed at Boss Media, an online casino manufacturer, again as a web designer and graphic artist. Now I quite recently started up my own firm offering my services in graphic production such as DVD/CD/VHS covers, posters, CD-interfaces, websites and more. There are to many low quality productions out there, created without the slightest idea of the task in hand.

Interview with Alex Gordon Cowles of

I was born, and brought up in Scotland. In a town called Currie, just outside Edinburgh. Got through, primary and secondary school there, and now I'm studying Computer Arts at University in Dundee, which is about 60 miles north of Edinburgh.

Interview with Joel Lavington of

Well, i'm at school at the moment, so that's pretty much what I do during the day. I also find time for skating, playing bass guitar (in a band) and messing about on the computer.