Kill Tha White B*tch or World is gettin Crazy part 2

I guess all of ya pop lovers know that girlie JoJo ... oh lets call you R'n'B lovers okie dokies?

Aight yo JoJo is a 13 y.o. ugly girlie from Boston, that everybody claim to be a hope of R'n'B and a new rebirth of the style and blah blah blah....

Closer to body baby .... So that girlie "announced" that she sees Dr I started this gangsta sh*t a.k.a. Dr Dre as a producer of her future album.

WEll if it happens i will delete all the Dre's classic tracks, buy a print of him and will play some darts and when i will break into World Scene i will be the guy that will kick his and G-G-G-Girl Units as*es ...

The bad fact is that Dre is a damn lier same as Joint-Z said he wont release his album "Detox" , but now in all Eminem and Girls UNits tracks they say on the shout out's " and dont worry about Detox, we will make Dre finish it " or something like that....

Got mine fav artist playing now TUPAC and my fav track Last Wordz and i just think, who da heck needs R'n'B if everybody knows that life is a hustle and murder, so this my shout out to all of you kids Take all yours CD's with RNB or if ya HDD is full of them, take a Pancoor Jack Hammer and shoot da whole clip in them and listen to GANGSTA RAP and wait for me to release a CD.... on russian thou.

And as my n*gga Black a.k.a I F*cked all B*tches in ya block says " SMOKE WEED EVERYTIME YOU CAN " and everything gonna be aiiiet !


RedD took a dangerous mission of going throught her ex-p*rno star website, that was modified to her music website, kinda weakly, there still can be seen the touches of her ex-p*rno-producer :D

Anyway for those who like fat , ugly, young white chickens i produce you with that pics and please dont tell my people i visited this website :

omg what an AS*, such a fat one :

omg such a fat one pic, and is that a penis ?

can figure is this a Master P and Lil Romeo ? omg another f*ckfaces family :

damn fat again and omg she shows to the public they way she holds a d*ck ;) seems that she likes a king size, well you can call me babe and maybe i will close my eyes and imagine that it is some sexy model...

JoJo and Bow Wow and i tell ya "Shame on a n*gga" , i know it is always a PIMp time, but hmm why dont look f0r some less ugly girls ?

RedD finishes his report and dangerous mission


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