Impulse-Fusion v.3 Finished

Hey guys i finished my v.3 template and all i have to do is make a preloader and a advertisement. Please tell me what you thinck and what i should change and make different or better :D

Good improvement, but.. where is your link to take people back to the homepage after they visit a section?

Suggestions: work harder on the header, its important to give the site some identity - needs something strong and captivating. Bigger title/logo would be good.

Well i didnt really figure that someone would need a back page becuase the content is in the iframe :P and the navigation is always there :P as for the header (you mean the banner right or the bottom of the page where it says copyright) lol becuase i get confused when people talk about the header or banner :P

Header = the top area of the site - where your site name is.
Banner = just an advertising space, can be anywhere.

About the link to the mainpage. i was suggesting you make the title of the site a link back to the start page, so the visitors can navigate back to where they started.

Nice, but the header is too simple. Remove this "newest partner" and add some graphics (glowing 3D will look great). And make the main plate 100% height.

i have just now moved on to v.4 :) the plain layout that i had from v.2 to v.3 kinda got boring so decided to make something futuristic i really hope you guys like it :D i still have to add an advertisement and a couple of small things but be sure to keep up with the site theres much to see :) and sign up on the forums im trying to get that going also :)