GoDaddy and their PayPal disaster

Earlier in the summer, GoDaddy made a big announcement about their partnership deal with PayPal the popular online bank. This enables their customers to purchase domains and paying using paypal.

However, last week when i attempted to purchase a few domain names, i decided to pay with paypal. And guess what? The checkout never completed, i was taken to a PayPal error page stating "The service is currently unavailable."

I tried again a few hours later, and had another attempt the following day. Still no use, the service still seem to be "temporarily unavailable". So i decided to contact GoDaddy customer support, sent them a powerfully worded email about the outrage. Usually they reply within 12 - 48 hours but its been 3 days so far and still no response from them.

What i did notice right after my email, is that the PayPal method of payment in the checkout has disappeared. Yet it still states on the footer of their website that "New!! Now Pay with PayPal" with a big logo.

Something is definatly wrong, and they're not being forward with their customers about it. I expect a reply from a company as big as GoDaddy especially at a time where most domain registerars are starting to offer considerably cheaper registeration fees :frown:

Better luck next time and i dunno, but i wotn use PayPal or any other online services....

me neither..

I had similar thing with namecheap, I transfered $17 to namecheap using paypal, but the money never came to my account. I emailed namecheap and 5mins later I got a reply that it can take up to 4 hours for money to go through.

I guess godaddy has bad email support, call them :!:

Its been over a week, and still no reply from GoDaddy. And to make the situation even more clear.. the PayPal checkout option is still not in their shopping cart. Could this mean their deal with PayPal collapsed?

It raises speculations, they state on their site that you can use PayPal to purchase domains, but how can customers purchase domain names if the shopping cart doent allow you to do that anymore? No news on their site which mentions there is a problem, no email support replied to us, and no further notice on the error.

Well this is a matter of business , some loose, some gain... Never trust PayPal, thats the truth.

Just tried registering again. GoDaddy went through a full site redesign and all. And guess what people?


We are sorry that we are experiencing temporary difficulties. Please try again later.

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Yes, thats right. GoDaddy pay with PayPal is nothing but a MYTH!

Strange you believed that services, well learn from this lesson ;)

noxcel wrote:

I guess godaddy has bad email support, call them :!:

I disagree. As I have one .US domain registered via GoDaddy, I had some problems with it and therefore had to contact support team several times. I can say their support was good enough.

Most people say that telephone support is the best. Maybe, but those who are not from USA are not very keen on high phone rates... :roll:

Which is why I just ignored the whole problem and till this day they seem to have problems with their PayPal system from other countries.