N*ggas are stupid ? ... nah not at all !

Haha here what i discovered :


A new track by Prodigy of Mobb Deep has been released on a mixtape in which Prodigy takes a shot at the late Tupac Shakur. "I only loved Tupac after his death, but man if we'd have bumped heads, you woulda been a mess." This follows a beef between Mobb Deep and Tupac and the Outlawz, after Mobb Deep dissed Tupac in 1995 for no reason other than the media fueld East/West beef.

Outlaw members, Napoleon, EDI, Kastro and Young Noble squashed the beef with Mobb Deep a few years ago, so it is surprising to hear such a shot from Prodigy. However, in true Outlaw style, Hussein Fatal, around whom along with the late Kadafi Tupac formed the Outlawz, is said to have recorded a reply to the diss. The situation is also addressed on Fatal's Fataveli Vol. 2 mixtape, which you can order at StreetHop.com by clicking here.

Haha i never gave any respect to Mobb Deep, but Prodigy gave a big ammount of funny emotions for me, well this is the best way to promote Mob Deep, which are not in good condition now.

Thats really low. :?