Colocation is the way to go

Its taking me a lot of time to decide where to go from here. Shared hosting is no longer viable to hold this place together. Bandwidth and space is ripping through the roof.

The choice is simple but risky. Go for dedicated server? or go for a co-located server. Either way, it'll set me way way back financially.

Let me explain the difference to those who dont know much about hosting. Dedicated server is where you get a specialised computer to power your site. This machine will only power YOUR site ensuring all resources are for you and your business. However, you dont actually have full control over the machine/hardware. This is where the co-location package comes in.

Co-location is where you build your own server with the specs that you desire. Then you choose a datacenter of your choice and you hand over your server to be hosted for you. It works out cheaper than a dedicated solution since you're not paying the host for hardware, only bandwidth and resources. However, you do need to spend a lot of money on the server itself either by purchasing it ready made, or build it yourself. Plus theres maintenance costs in case things go wrong.

All in all, i prefere the co-location method, its worth the hassel - since at the end of the day, if anything goes wrong with your hosting needs... you just pick up the server and drive to the next nearby datacenter and plug it there.. and your site will be back online in no time.

Well it is really a good idea, since after 10 000 of peepz on FriendScene it is impossible to browse the website, it takes ages to open a page on my dial-up !

LOL man here is the way to go :

Space: 5 GB
Bandwitch: unlimited
Aliases: unlimited
Subdomains : unlimited
control panel
e-mails : unlimited
MySQL : unlimited
FrontPage Extensions
Script Library
Migration Tool
Tech Support
Log files
Server stats
Domens on account : unlimited
Everyday backups


Um.. what host is this? You havnt even provided a link RedD. Some hosts make "unlimited" offers when in reality theres no such thing. How on earth can you have unlimited bandwidth? :roll:

Do you see my point?

a Russian website, biggest hoster :D and about bandwitch well you know most of firms offer it ! it is no way a problem anymore.... the link :

Bandwidth is no problem (as in CHEAP) but only in the USA, but as far as reality goes, theres no such thing as "unlimited". A few companies tried offering this to their clients, until they imposed other restrictions and ended up having "small prints" somewhere that restricts the client's contracts. Therefore, it was misleading their customers.

I've looked at bandwidth companies and carriers. Some parts of EU offer cheap co-location and dedicated servers such as Holland, Netherlands. And theres also many companies in the USA offerign very competitive prices.

Your package is a shared hosting RedD. I've had this for years, and now its time to move up. Im never doing this again.

I can tell you one thing: do not get hosted in Lithuania - space and bandwidth are extremely high :? Even the .LT domains are about five times more expensive than .COMs...

I actually heard about co-located server for the first time... I guess it's the best deal available as you really own the server and as you say can "you just pick up the server and drive to the next nearby datacenter and plug it there".

Unlimied BW... Well, from which side to look... My host for, GamingSource.NET offers unlimited bandwidth. As they say, "If we cannot provide you with enough, we'll buy more". Of course, if they see you wasting their resources, they might kick you out of the network.

Thats very true Kelmas. There is no such thing as unlimited. If they do promise to give you unlimited then you will never need to use this amount. Unless you're in violation of their terms - so better check the terms and conditions and find out how much "unlimited" do you really get for your money ;)

Update: I am no logner hosted at - it's much more profitable to pay for the hosting and display some Google ads :)