Need For Speed Underground 2 is announced ....

Need For Speed Underground 2 is announced to be released on PC on the 15'th of November. Ofcource you can jump to skys counting each day to release, but i wouldnt suggest you to, since nothing of what EA promised have been made to life. The information comes from the latest Demo-version reviews. The promised " freedom" havent been realized , yea you hear right.

you can watch the reviews on gaming websites, so i wont write you an article here, but i would suggest you to wait for Street Racing Syndicate and not waste money on NFSU 2 !


No screenshots? I liked Need for Speed Underground, played it a lot but didnt feel it was perfect. It was nice but something was missing, i felt weird playing the game.. GT had something over this game which made it better. Lets hope the 2nd title is better. :arrow:

Midnight Club 2 is the best racing game :!:

OMG noxcel Grand Turismo is the BEST for sure !

NFSU2 announced? habibé it was announced half a year ago, ive finished 2/4 of the leak already

and midnight club 2 was really good, but definatly not the best rycer game out there, graphics were sub-par for the moment it came out, and some design problems in the game made it crappy, also, the physics model lacked abit

as for whats new about nfsu2 over the first one, D, is that it offers a non-linear game, there are no 'maps', just on huge city to bump drivers in the ass from and race against. thats not the only gamemode there is tho.
as for upgrading the car lots more options are added like sound systems and shiat like that. also, u can even customize the speed dials for each car and how they look. ( IN MY OPINION THATS AN EXCUSE FOR STILL NOT HAVING FULLY MODELED AND RENDERED CAR-INTERIORS, OR AT LEAST THEIR DASHBOARDS WHICH IS PRETTY EASY TO DO CONSIDERING EA GAMES , THE BIG GAMING CORPORATION, WITH A ZILLION STAFFERS, IS BEHIND THE GAME)
the physics are a big improvement too, and it no longer feels like ur pushing a 2ton bathtub with roller blades under it over a hockey ring.
graphics are about the same, they upped the polycount for the cars and the amount of blur + motion blur used which is kinda unrealistic in my opinion.
the world has alot more detail too, more polycount and added effects

another major difference is the addition of real world advertisments like driving thru burger kings all over the city...i guess that adds to thye production value without sacrificing quality.

Sith as always you annoy me with ya too fast replics, read the post carefully !

RedD wrote:

Need For Speed Underground 2 is announced to be released on PC on the 15'th of November

So wTF ?

again...lemme rephrase to make this clearer

N F S U 2 . w a s . a n o u n c e d . h a l f . a . y e a r . a g o . t o . b e . r e l e a s e d . b y . Q 4 . 2 0 0 4 . ( i . e . N o v e m b r e . 2 0 0 4 ).

Ok ok lets not fight over this, the good news is somebody managed to inform us people who didnt know ;)

Sith thanks for the detailed report there. You've completed 2/4 of the game? Dont u mean 1/2 if the game? ;)
Too much poly counting and not enough simplifying eh?

Well, lets stop the talk, bring on the screenshots homies 8)
Can cars drive into burger king? They better have an addon where u can pick up takeaways. :arrow:

Should be nice game.

:) -turns on PS , inserts Gran Turismo, thinks why d aheck i need neeed for speed with no physic rules , that car fly like butterflys ? -

Hehehe i agree with you there RedD i used to play GT a lot, then when i made the switch to Need For Speed, the handling didnt feel the same. Nevertheless, they're both fine games and i cant wait to test drive it.

:) Anyway the physics in NFS series is not-our-world-related ;) cars just dont fly like that :D