Final Fantasy

hey peeps,
Do we have any FF players out there? If so what FF game do you think is the best?

Yea yea FF is the way things should be created in this life ! I like the 7'th for such a funny form persons :D BUT shame on me i havent touched PS for long time and havent played 9'th and 10'th also, so i have something to do for wintr days ;)

< Fan.
VII by FAR. The others are ok. If I had the power, id make it mandatory for everyone to play and complete ff7 :)

I've had a quick play of VII and VIII but not enough to get the hang of it. So i dont consider myself a fan :oops:

But i've heard nothing but praise of the series as a whole.

Well i guess the SquareSoft and it's main scripter/creator (dont remember his name, some asian stuff) is just a genius ! I did the 7'th like 3 times, did all the stuff, took all the summons , got the topest levels of all the characters :D Ahaha lets say i am a BIG FAN ! :D 8'th is also nice ! I like it's ingame card game !

Yea i was addicted to the card game in 8. :)

I cant wait for Advent Children.

LOL i got so addicted to it, that i have spent few weeks getting all of them :) Still didnt get soem of them...

I got all.

Hehe pass me the savecard throught DHL please ;)


Thats a shipping service like Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx etc :idea:

i believe the 10th is the best or the 9th and i also was neveer able to beat the stupid card game in the 9th. Also! for all who have played the 9th, where is that city after u beat the the 1st sossress?

Havent played :) But gonna give it a try as soon as possible ;) and surely give a solution...