Programmers and coders needed for GfxRing!


I'm one of the GfxDiary Team members who run and maintain this website. I am asking for the help of anyone experienced in PHP/MySQL - exceptional programming and coding knowledge is needed!

The purpose = GfxRing - The Graphics WebRing

GfxRing is a unique webring system that has been design and developed by myself - but my programming knowledge is very limited and i've reached my limits in coding the script and system backend. This is where u come in, there are big plans for this project! Since GfxDiary is a non-profit project designed to help the design and multimedia industry we cannot offer any money - so what we're really looking for are experienced and passionate people who are willing to volunteer and contribute to help the community.

Apply here. Post your comments and we'll get in touch :arrow:

yup thats me...

over 3 years of experience in both PHP and mysql.

CONGRATULATIONS! Its a great pleasure to announce that nexflo is now part of the GfxDiary Team! He leads the role of Senior Programmer and is working hard on the backend of GfxDiary.

This job slot is now officially closed and we are not accepting anymore applicants...