PhpBB falling behind?

Its becoming increasingly clear that phpBB the famous free forum providers are losing their grip as the competition becomes bigger and stronger. The fact remains that phpbb's development team is slow in releasing updates and developements. While rivals such as vBulletin and InvisionBoard is bringing out steady stream of powerful features to give sites greater control over their community.

Im personally slowly losing faith with phpbb, we've been anticipating their next major release for over 6 months now, and still its not clear when they will get it finished.

Which is why we have started developing our own forum which can be seen on

What do you guys think? Will the fact it's free and open source ensure its clients not to switch to other rivals? Or will the temptation be too great to handle?

What do you mean man ? you mean you giving your forum for free, or you talking about the phpbb ?

Im talking about phpBB of course. I dont really wanna put "concentrate on making a powerful forum" on my list of things todo :?

vBulletin all the way :!:

It doesnt matter for me what forum to choose :D Well i guess i still will stick with phpbb if i start any forum.

Noxcel as much as i respect vBulletin, i dont like the fact they're charging big bucks for their license and also the fact you have to leave their copyright intact?

How much did you pay for your copy?

BioALIEN wrote:

Noxcel as much as i respect vBulletin, i dont like the fact they're charging big bucks for their license and also the fact you have to leave their copyright intact?

YOu can pay to remove the copyright :wink: I must say that its worth every dollar because the software is top quality and you get updates.

I am sure that phpBB will start charging too, its coming trust me....

BioALIEN wrote:

How much did you pay for your copy?

Vbulletin isn't free??? WTF, you need to pay?

hehe, I am just joking, don't remember, $80/year, I think.

hehehe dont tempt me to follow in your footsteps :twisted:
I have a few ideas in my head regarding some phpbb elements which could make GfxDiary v2005 look awesome, but its too much work.

Also i'd like to point out that InvisionBoard although they started as the underdogs and classed under n00bs, they're actually advancing way faster than any other community software on the web. Go check out their demo and see for yourself :arrow:

Bio you always try to do something similliar, havent done your OS yet ?

Nah not yet hehehe. I'm doing something similar because i want a custom software that only does the things i want and need, dont need the extra FAT they throw in there and also not forgetting all the money to spend on the license :x

According to the new release will now be called phpBB v3 Olympus. Its very behind schedule it should have been released during the last quarter of 2004. And now its been delayed again.

I've now used vBulletin and test drove the system, its pretty impressive i must admit. But still, somehow phpBB has the endge in terms of overall control. vB does give you huge power and at this moment in time, by far ahead of phBB. Lets see what the guys got planned for phpbb v3.

I personally wont be switching to it, GfxDiary's backend engine has taken me a month to configure and get right. I'll test what v3 brings and if its a big step forward then i'll be convinced to go onboard. :roll:

I hope phpBB isn't going down hill. I just switched my site message board over to a phpBB one. Things never work out for me :lol:.

IPB is charging way more than vBulletin for their software. Its crazy how quickly these guys are developing.