Comic series from us. :)

Well wats up people !

Me and mY man Lim decided to release comic series from our studio :) just to make people happy from our funny stories, no commercial purpose :)

I wont be telling much about the series but it will be mega BOMB of funniest situations, crazy drawn faces of characters and total dumbness of FBi agents - oops said much already :) - ......

Look forward from us !!!

Sounds interesting - any expected release date or anything?

Well we got a script for the first 5 series. I guess the work on it will start in the middle of November.

I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Any updates on the comic?

Lim still handells with flashers, but got pic of a cat now, did it myself in Illustrator.

You know RedD i've known you for a few years while using GfxDiary. I've actually witnessed the way your style is changing and evolving.

I like it, hurry up and get this finished :)

Hopefully we do it in 2005, i got much goals to achieve in 2005 :)