Finally Rm's Website is finished !

Here you go boyz and girlz.

Tell me what you think :)

who designed a girl at the top? site looks nice, "phong-like" colors :wink:

Like I said before on msn. Looks really good. Bold and clean and crisp. Good job.

LOL it is for a contest, lets see whom the people who laid it choose. The organisers are really dumb and i am like 50 % sure they will choose some CRAP !

Oh so this whole site is for a contest? Goodluck, i hope you win.
Site looks good, now that its complete the theme fits and the colours work well together. On some people's eyes the high contrast of the blue background and the white text is a bit too painful to read but nevertheless good job.

Keep up the good work!

Yea i should have fixed that. Well lets see , on the end of the 3'th of November we see the results :)

told him before bio ;) :p

On my PC it looks fine ! And on BlaZe's .

well ;) its flashy here ;) :p

like WOW :p
i scrolled by ;) :D
i am blind..:P

Ok guys i am totally mad and gonna PISS on local Rm'S Company OFFICE Entrance and Stick the poster " FUCKFACES " . YEa i lost and guess to whom ? Well they have choosen 5 finalists and lets see them ok?

1. finalist number one, with a printer that sucks the Ants in and shows what they have eaten for breakfast :
2. finalist with a heavy flash file and no structure at all !
3. finalist with something called no-taste of design and normal PHP-nuke theme
4. finalist number 4 with a printer that can play movies when it printed and the throws the pics away and ofcoruce there is a code for musicians to play RM's song :
5. And the last finalist that has some guy who became a chair and that wathes some fish flying in the sky by no-our-world related traectory :

HAHAHAHA Congratz to the lame "designers" , f*ck the Rm Company and their whole line of offices ! I HOPE THEIR BUSSINESS Crushes and TAx company find them hiding the taxes ! Also i wotn be buying any components for mine Photo Studio from them ! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.............

1. Really nice site, good use of flash, looks, animates and sounds good overall
2. Good structure and not really what i call heavy flash at all.
3. Nice structure but in my opinion its only suitable for huge content driven sites!
4. Good concept, and structure. Can fit well into RM's business focus, and brand recognition/marketing strategies. Decent flash with sound and rollover menus.
5. Good idea, but poor structure and layout. Flash and not much colour.

Overall, i would have given it to number 4 then made nubmer 1 the runner up.

Note: RedD if you made your header in flash and animated that woman typing and printing the work it woulda gave more focus on what's needed. And may have impressed the judges. Bad luck, at least you have a layout to offer your clients now ;)

haha, unlucky mate. Nice to see your such a good looser though.. erm :P lol

"gonna *beep* on local Rm'S Company OFFICE Entrance"
"finalist that has some guy who became a chair "
.. heh, you do make me laugh. You should respect your fellow competators though. :P #2 - Heavy flash? hmm.

I agree with most of what bio said. But I really dont think #5 is very good at all. Yours should be there instead. But the other 4 do deserve ot be there. I would give the award to #1 and then make #4 the runner up. But yea, if you had made your ill flash, (like the printer printing) then maybe you would have won.

Exactly ! They didnt mention i should do any flash ? Know how many other competotors are yelling on contest forums about the Rm taking the sh*tist works just cause they got flash?

And omg Bio i just know what you do for GfxUnit and ready to review it without it being released !