Well where are you guys? I havent seen you on MSN for years, what happened? Havent seen Thomas for a long time also.

Thomas is undergoing an ISP change and its taking longer than expected to get back online. He's been offline for weeks :shock:
Bio has been hit with some bizzare PC troubles, and he's moving his backup to a new location and reinstalling everything. This comes after a string of tragic incidents at university and also fighting homelessness.

Hope this explains the lack of online presence and work around here :idea:

Well good news and bad news. Good news is that Thomas is now back online again, after finally sorting out his ISP problems. So we can pick up where we left off on developements.

Bad news is last week was snapped away from my hands. I forgot to buy it and some search engine took over the domain. I doubt they'll negotiate so i may be forced to give up the title and go for something else.

I've never been good at this domain battle, i lost before, and now this. :?
Nox, where are you when we need you!

OMG how could you forget ?! omg.........

I felt so miserable when i found out, but its alright Thomas never really liked the name anyway. So i guess expect to see a new professional business name from us in the near future.

I'll always miss this name though - could have been a great success :x

Fate :)

I'm sure you will thing of something equally good, if not better.

I've made a big list of 30+ names. These have been shortlisted and filtered to just 8 names. Im doing a survey around the people in my uni to see which one will go on to become our official name.

I'll keep you all upto date when we reach a conclusion.

LOL not the name makes the game for the company, but company makes it's name play a good game.

True true.. thats why i've learnt to accept it and moved on ;)