This happens EVERY fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I design something I like it at first, then I hate it and then I like it again. Well the "hating part" is happening right now. FUCK FUCK FUCK

Its like its good, but not good enough. Will I start over? FUCK NO :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

That's something EVERY artist goes through man...
SOme first experiences it when his project is finished...
Back in 9th grade I spend a week at a small 3 person animation company in Aarhus, to see what it was like.
The main 3d animator in the small group, adn the concept artist (VERY talented people) told me that when they had finished this commercial for an orange drink,
they didn't look at it for over 3 months, they simply didn't like it and even felt embarrased sometimes when confronted with it.
And it's not just in the digital art world it's seen, my old drawing teacher, Lilly, told us (me and all the chicks I went to the calss with ;) ) that when she had finished a painting, for example a picture she made of a forest with nordic mythology creatures in, she didn't like hanging it where it was most visible, because she always spotted all the small errors, and began hating it more and more.

hehe, yea, I know what your going through nox.

the ppl who dont are or: to damn pro ;) or just plain stupid n00b wh0r3s ;)

Well i am on this stadium now too, thats why i got mine best beta tester Rikardo Maldini a.k.a. Selimonious ;) Thanks a lot Se !

My Teddy is ugly too... :(
Though I liked it at first

Thats something everybody goes through, not just artists nox. Anybody who makes something hates it at first or at a certain time during its lifetime. Does this apply to Microsoft and Bill Gates? They seem to be making lots of money from hate :lol:

Initially I liked GfxDiary and Biomutation when they were first born, but at some point i hated visiting them, especially after visiting sites where they made extensive use of flash or animation or something that would render my design techniques obsolete.

But now that i look at Biomutation in its almost 3year old state of rust, im not ashamed to leave it there rusting some more. I guess the longer you leave it the more you start to respect your work, ability and lack of skill back then.. and start to appreciate how much you've improved since then (for the good or bad) hehehe

Nox do you remember your old green layout for noxcel.com i still like it more than anything you've produced :) And im not surprised of you feel the same way about the old Biomutation design


A design is like wine,

it takes a while to become finest


and @ redd ;) np dude ;)

I like green, but i like light green, not dark one !

Technically, that's a light green too ;)
just with a dark BG :D
Hmmm, back to topic guys...