Value of LIFE

Its been a messed up start to the academic year. Was waiting to get a room on campus at uni and finally got one after two weeks of waiting. This explains my long absense, living the homeless life ;)

Anyway, this past week its been kinda tough. This is the message i got from one of my friends last night as i was asleep.


Its been a f***ed up night.
- Last night, someone has been kicked the living life out of them on the bridge goin to quays (on campus, Essex), hospitalised!
- A guy had tried to hang himself in Walton Court (on campus, Essex). Ambulance, paramedics, police, people crying, phones goin off, security people everywhere...
- Last night a guy has a heart attack in his sleep and died (on campus)
- 2 days ago a girl committed suicide
- 5 days ago a guy jumped in front of a train (near campus).

3 deaths in 5days, and maybe one tonight. This uni sucks man! No wonder why the flags have been half raised all week!

I didnt realise it, since i was only aware of some of the events. But when my friend grouped them all together, i realised something. Since i've joined this university, i have only been informed of two deaths, during my 2 years stay. However, as i started the 3rd year im looking at 3 deaths in under a week, and possibly more. :?

Whats this world coming to? I didnt know the value of life is on discount these days. :shock:

Everything simple the people who perfomed a suicide should not be respected at all !!! First of it goes against Bible Rules and the second is that this event shows their weakness, instead of fighting, they have choosen an easiest way ! And what they got? Few days of popularity and sign in their personal documents " Another stupid studdie that died for unconditional love".

@ RedD: amen

@ bio: *hugs*

:? its with great distress to tell you guys my friend who was holding the above conversation with me is now the victim himself.

Outside the Tesco store him and another friend were brutally attacked by two big guys while walking back to the university (2 mins away) at night.

In his own words:
Jonny: hey man
Jonny: ive had the shitest night
Jonny: i got jumped outside tescos
Jonny: bin the police, had a fight, wallet stolen, its fucked
Mr. BioALIEN: :S OMG damn
Mr. BioALIEN: are you alright?
Jonny: yeah
Jonny: was with a mate
Jonny: being kickd in the face cains man
Mr. BioALIEN: :S explain what happened
Mr. BioALIEN: what were you doing there in the first place?
Jonny: walkin back from town with a mate, guy grabs me, trips me up, kicks me in the face hard
Jonny: other guy starts layin into my mate
Jonny: they were screamin gimme ur wallet, phone etc
Jonny: my back kills, i got so many kicks
Jonny: lost my wallet, keys, cards
Jonny: bin police
Jonny: i got up n gave a few punches but it was over so fast
Jonny: mate is properly shaken up
Mr. BioALIEN: they took the wallet keys and cards?
Jonny: wallet had al that in it
Mr. BioALIEN: :s why the keys and shit :@
Jonny: they were in the wallet
Jonny: im lucky i stil got my phone
Jonny: the guy was about 6ft, bigger than me obv n built
Jonny: he just missed my eye with the kicks
Jonny: fucker
Jonny: i aint goin into town without a weapon again
Mr. BioALIEN: nose bleed?
Mr. BioALIEN: broken teeth?
Jonny: na its weird i got no cuts
Jonny: was all my forehead
Jonny: and lower back
Mr. BioALIEN: good.. thank god for that!

Im not sure if i mentioned that another of my close friends (my house mate from last year) was stabbed in december while he was in his room after 3 guys broke into his flat going through every room in their way. Police had footage of the whole thing yet NOTHING was done about it.

Damn I hate this government. Crime should be their number one priority, then education. All you hear Tony Blair talk about is education education education. He just lost my vote! :x

I totally agree, crime SHOULD be #1 priority. He never had my vote in the beginning.

Hope your friend is ok now, give my regards. It happens to us all though - At some point, well, most people at least. I’ve never been mugged, or tired to be, but I have had my share of run-ins with 'those' kind of people.