new design at

i just finish the creation of a new design at

the old design ->
the new design ->

any comments?

you'll proberly find som mistakes because i worked on it for 4 days now, and been geting blind in the search of mistakes :roll:

dont know if i throw some textures on the grey parts, (now its all just the standart materiel grey in 3dsmax)

witch one do you like the most? the new or the old?

The seond one has a nice idea after it ! Those bottles for making some hemical effects you know :) But i guess it will look much better if it had no just a plain grey background, maybe do a composition like a chemical lab objects so that the background and the tubes and bottles fit it ?

I prefer the old industrial feel better. I will edit this post tomorrow with reasons why etc, but for now I'm tired.

Both nice ideas but both very poorly executed. If I had to choose I’d go for the first one I think. But there are so many things that could be done to improve it. Firstly a darker background would make it look much better. Perhaps a grad or even a pattern :P (maybe too look like the grip on sheet steal that they put on floors, stairs etc). Another thing which would improve this allot is drop shadows, big, small, strong, weak, whatever but I think any would add something. One other thing perhaps a sharpen or a half-sharpen would be good.

But if you want my biggest advice of all then listen up. When you make any kind of interface parts like you have here. Make it at a much bigger res, don’t be scared. Then when you finished, give it a sharpen and downsize it to what you want. It makes everything look tight, tidy, nice, crisp. Something so I cant describe. Also it’s a lot easier to add nice details etc when you are working large.

Hope it helps.

Epo, look at your artwork, you've created some amazing pieces in the past. Now look at your layouts. Do you see how they dont stack up against the level of quality people would expect from you?

I know you're going for a lite technical style interface, but if your Photoshop skills arent that good, then use your 3d elements to help you out. From the layouts above, i prefere to see you work more on the 1st layout than the 2nd!

@redD ill try to make som kind og background

@trico oki, im waiting :)

@Xeophex i know :( i suck to webdesign :(
ill try it :)

@BioALIEN no i know :( but i just dont have gift og making webdesigns :(
i havn't used photoshop, its all made i 3dsmax...

Make a 3d layout. fs :P
That would pwn so much.

Check: feckin mazin.

i just started on a whole new design.
i think it is looking nice :) but im the idiot here to webdesign so what do i know :P hehe

Search through some font sites and pick something that's slightly techy modern looking, as long as it has character so that isn't just a standard looking sans-serif. If you reduce the space between the letters of the 'RC3D' to the point where they are nearly touching etc... this allows it to look stronger and will appear more like a professional name plate or logo.

an update at: now i just have some very huge problems. the site cant be showed correctly i firefox :S

First of all: Hi dude, haven't seen u for a long time! :)
Design concept is very interesting, nice, simple and unique. But there sre some things I didn't like. First, navigation links looks too simple (maybe make them little bit thiker and upper case), then you make the orangew line in the part with text but there is no one in the header part, And the bottom part is the main think I don't like. Looks like some child puzzle or smth. like dat. Make it like tin the header but with different cutouts and not so thick.

All in all: Dude, nice (almost wrote mice :)) work! Oh.. and did I mentioned that the render is very good?

Good update, now you can concentrate on fixing those compatibility issues with firefox ;)
Make the header links bolder (as BlaZe suggested) and show us how you intend to structure the contents inside the site. :idea:

@blaze hey. well i had been busy with alot of stuff like drinking beers :P now its cold outside again so i now spend some time in fromt of the computer.
the thing in the bottom is now removed, the links is bold and the orange edge is aplyed to the header :)
thanx :)

@bioalien i dont know why, but firefox just dont like css :S so i decided to create the side by cell's and tables instead. now its only the menu part that fucks in firefox.
i dont have time right now because of sme boring homework, ill try to structure the site in the evening

an update is ready

Much better without the thing at the bottom. Looks quite different with content in too. Im liking it, good work.

Much better! The one thing I don't like is frame ( I HATE FRAMES :evil: ) But in your situation I think they are necessary. And just one suggestion: maybe you'll make the orange line in the whole header (also whrere render). And I also think that the width of the main part and the header must be = . Another suggestion - make small headers (Newz, New stuff...) with some bright bg, play around with colors. Cause now it seams that there is no differences between the header (small) and the text going after it. Or maybe you just need to make the small logos and the headlines brighter.

:!: btw. don't forget: drinking 2 much beer is very harmfull! Take care! :)

good idea with the brigter bg ind the header ill fix it.

well about the orange edge, a lot of people says i shold make it around the whole header so i'll do it.

hate frames to, but it's quite hard to made a bg to text that aint the same all the way and that aint to large a file...

i like the header is a little wider than the text part. i can try to change it at se what it looks like

BEEEEEER IS GOOD ! I GUess SE will support me in this question ! :D

RedD: stick to the topic at hand, posting rules apply at this section! :idea:

Epo: the layout is looking smooth! About your iFrame trouble, you can just make the page stretch downwards and leave the content inside the layout file - that way you dont need to use iFrames. Personally i see iFrames annoying to work with. To help you out, why dont you switch to CSS style iFrames? That way you're not dealing with separate pages, but normal text inside the layout, only it's displayed to the users as an iFrame.

Heres the code to make it easier for you:

#iframe {
height: 250; /* iframe size */
overflow: auto; /* simulate iframe */
scrollbar-face-color: #FFFFFF;
scrollbar-shadow-color: #FFFFFF;
scrollbar-highlight-color: #FFFFFF;
scrollbar-3dlight-color: #FFFFFF;
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #FFFFFF;
scrollbar-track-color: #FFFFFF;
scrollbar-arrow-color: #3366cc;

Hope this helps, lets see what you can do with it ;)

@bioalien thanx for the code, but what differense will it make to use a css i frame instead of the normal html iframe?


To help you out, why dont you switch to CSS style iFrames? That way you're NOT dealing with separate pages!

The iFrames you've used, require each page inside the iframe to be separate. using CSS based iFrame you're only emulating the iFrame style, but the actual text isnt stored on separate pages but actually on the layout itself. You'll understand this better through trial and error, search on the subject and try it out. Paste that code i gave you, and try to integrate it into a basic HTML page with some text.

Its not difficult once you get your head around it :idea:

oki, ill try :)