Beastie Boys - To The 5 boroughs


Also it is nice those guys returned, i been listenning to them when they first released "Intergalactic". I must admit none track from thsi album disappointed me, all of them is releast stuff, old school beats+soem crazy scratching+classical BEASTIE Shout outs makes it's deal. For those who ever heard of them or didnt i suggest to check them out and teir new CD.

P.S. this CD made me to think of redoing liek half of our recorded tracks, cause half of our beats suck now :)


My friend plays this all the time :roll: I think im getting sick of it :x

yeah, I have this cd, well not cd... 8)

Sick? Well yea it is kinda hard to listen, but anyway i like it :)

hmm.. i think i heard that cd half today..
:S and i didnt like it..
(i recognice the title)..

/me likes older work more..

Well tastes differ :)

indeed ;)..

thats why i listen to rock and you to rap ;)