Online Multiplayer POOL!

Just wanted to let you in on this cool Online Multiplayer Pool that i got from SithLord:

No need to register or anything, its easy and straight forward. I've been wooping major butt when playing SithLord, but he has beaten me too :x

Hours of fun.. check it out :D

this is fun :)


Damn i was playing with SithLord, then he decided to leave.. so this other person joined my game cos i started an open one. And DAMN :shock:
I got smack down - he was too good, but i managed to catch up from 18-3 to 24-17 before i eventually couldnt take the defeat and closed it before he/she had their final shot :twisted:

Be careful, dont play open games.. its dangerous.. evil skilled people out there ready to make you suffer :?

heh that logic doesnt apply to me and my ut2k4. ill fuck up anyone who tries to go at it 1vs1