Dynamic Flash with Database

Its been a while since i last touched Macromedia Flash. I wanna learn to connect Flash with a database such as SQL or XML so i can start making dynamic content sites. Also good for technical sites too :idea:

After searching on Google for a bit, i came accross these sites in case any of you are also interested in learning.


A Simple XML-Based Searchable Database:

Integrating Flash and mySQL:

Importing txt Files - The Easy Way:

Basic Flash MX Web Cam:

nice.. really nice.. i've tried to do that stuff to.. but these are much clearer than the tutorials i had before..
thnx :)

No problem :) Im trying to make the FriendScene chat flash based with XML to make it more reliable and stable, thats the reason behind this sudden move ;)

cool ;)
well.. the chat rocks.. ;) thats for sure ;)