thinking about starting a new site

who/where/when/how/if/car/truck/garbage bin/assault rifle/tank/what is it about,

p*rno website is a way to go for you, there is no need to put any good design skills also they are the most popular ones!

RedD respect yourself or leave. We already had that talk once before. Respect the members and they'll respect you back :idea:

Sim, learn to give more detail rather than "spam" this baord with useless pointless junk!

Man i respect myself, i dont respect some people. Also i gave him more than a good idea. Or know what sim! Do a community liek GD cause it isnt so hard to do liek that one. The design isnt good also, so you can handell it.

I was asking for suggestions to start a new site.

Yeah, heres a challenge for you... recreate GD :)

sim wrote:

I was asking for suggestions to start a new site.

Are you for real????????? You never had a site and now you want to start a new one? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

For real, go write some code or something...

What happened to u guys? Don't offend sim... :) Btw if po2 is his work I can say that it's good, one thing I hate is FRAMES!

2sim: you shoul be more specifically. What do u want to make, when, wich design level... GD is a design community, not thinking out(ig you know what I mean). It's all about you what project 2 start.

Porno site actualy ain't a bad idea. I often thought about setting up and running one :)

Featuring ya own adventures or some others porn? maybe we can do one together ? :D

What run a site or own adventures ;) :P lmao.

This is a bit offtopic.. but.. General question to all: Would you allow yourself to be shown in porn mag/short movie having sex with some uber hot chick. You get payed nice AND this is assuming you are single?

I would I think. If my face ain't shown, then deffinatly would.

If they pay good and she isnt infected by AID.

Whats wrong with giving her special AID? RedD dont you mean AIDS? :lol:
Xeophex: i think its good, and you end up living a dream life and all, but from what i notice all the celebrities who went on to become big and famous find it SHAMEFUL this is what they did in their past. So i guess, it might seem "cool" no but once you grow older and out of the "teenage" stage you'll see it as a bad idea....

But then again, alcohol has its own ways of making you do things so im not so sure now... :roll:
sim: just keep working on that game you're doing about shooting people in the White House or something.. i cant remember exactly, i read it on his site :arrow:

Life is for living.
...Perhaps your right, but I still think i'd do it, even when older, like 30 odd. Supposing im not married/long term relationship.

I think there is nothing shameful about getting into porn movie, ofcource if it is a low-quality porn, with ugly girls, bad setting and etc. if it is a quality porn studio it is no way gonna be bad to film once or twice, cause they pay much and there is nothing our of ordinary you doing.


Yea ! :)

nah thnx ;)

Ok enough, this topic drifted way off context so time to close it ;)