Hey Has Anyone Seen This Film Advertising? It Looks Really Cool But Horrible, Nasty And Bloody :? Sounds Like Its Gonna Be A Goof Film Tho Its About Masked Guy Who Take People And Make Them Kill Them Selves :shock: Looks Well Mad, Certificate 18

HMM gonan watch soem video reviews :)

I know i saw the adverts :shock: People cutting themselves, i guess scary films dont do the trick nowadays, so film makers look for sick, nasty, bloody and insane to get people scared and classify it as a "horror" filem ;)

Its all good to me - sounds like a good film, looking forward to watching it :twisted:

Horror films destory ya psycho face.

I think it looks cool too bit it seems that directors have to take things to far these days to make the ultimate scary film

Did anyone go and see it? What did you think of it?

:shock: i watched this film. DAMN! Very very sick, twisted and the ending was really really good. The killer was in the room afterall, and nobody would guess who it was too. I thought i was usually good at guessing :roll:

I watched a guy saw through his own leg :?

Good movie, bad ending.
Someone posted this on movie forum:

Just because somethings a surprise doesn't make it good.

Anyone can think of a bullshit surprise ending, a good surprise ending is an ending that not only catches you off gaurd but ties everything together in the end.


surprise ending, a good surprise ending is an ending that not only catches you off gaurd but ties everything together in the end

This is exactly what the 5mins before the ending is. But the actual ending was.. um... look below if you've seen the film:
Question: what happened to the doctor after he crawls out of the door and away?
Question: does the wife manage to find help in the end?
Question: how is the guy coping without a leg? :?
Question: what happened to the killer/person behind all this?
Question: do you wanna bet there WILL be a sequel?

That ending was good, but as always they left it open ended - everybody anticipate a squel :x
Its like Final Destination, it was such a good concept, i was hoping they dont ruin it with a sequel and as always, i was let down! The sequel was rubbish!

The ending was unexpected and I thought, quite good. But overall I didnt think much of this movie. Then again I was prety drunk when watch it.

saw 1 was good, but saw 2 is great! Just finished watching it and it was awesome. The actors were bad just like in the first one, but the ending was unreal. Talk about a good surprise ending. CANT WAIT FOR SAW 3, 4, 5......
I just hope that the same people that did first 2 movies, will continue to do the other ones.

I knew there will be a sequel coming out ;) Read my comments above and you will know!

I wanted to watch SAW II but my friends ended up dragging me to see Serenity. It was an okish movie.. but probably doesnt compare to SAW. Anyway, thanks for the tip noxcel, i'll be sure to watch it :)