Whats your camera saying?

What photo arsenal you guys equipped with? Im armed with a CANNON IXUS i. You can read a review of it here:

Its small and damn powerful. But the only weakness is it doesnt have optical zoom, only digital zoom. Its a shame, the new models all have this now but they're so much more expensive.

Overall a nice small stylish camera which you can carry around with you everywhere. Just like a mobile phone, small but deadly. :twisted:

Well me and BlaZemeister been thinking of buying Sony CyberShot for a team. We have none atm, expect the one on mine friends mobile phone.

Konica Minolta DiMage Z3 (Silver version)

Better equipped than a point and shoot, less bulky and intimidating than a full on press-kit setup. x12 optical zoom (amazing) Anti-shake, you can take decent telephoto pics without a tripod in daylight. Supports USB2 for fast downloading.

Trouble focusing in dark conditions.
Large levels of digital noise in the black area of photos. In short if it's dark use a tripod or use the Flash.

Also got access to a Cannon EOS, but that's a real beast.

:? Yeah thats exactly the downside im experiencing with my cam. I cant get good shots at night, without having to use flash or spend a a long time focusing and adjusting. There is a certain time after evenings when the sun is about to set where my cam is rendered useless. I tried snapping dark photos but its just not working.

Kodak DX4530 (5.0 megapixels, 3x optical zoom). Nothing special, but does the job for me.

I'm using a Fujifilm Finepix 2800ZOOM (2.0 megapixels, 6x optical zoom). I desperately need a new camera :(. I very rarely get good shots with it. If only money grew on trees :lol:.

Mobile phones are reaching this sort of specs, so who knows, you might just upgrade your phone and win a free built in 3megapixel cam in the process ;)

Haha maybe. :lol: