PayPal questions.

Hey the ones using it answer some questions.

1. About the countries supported, i have some connections to open an account in Finland, that is supported by it, but look at this page :
It isnt fully supported? Woudl i be able to send money and recieve money throught paypal if i get a bank account in Finland and use it for paypal?
2. What will be required for paypal account creating? Credit Card number? Anything else?
3. How safe this system is? I heard some rumours, that it has some bad sides, if you know any tell me please.

Looking forward from you guys.

- I don't think you need anything to create a paypal account, just address in Finland.
- To receive money you need bank account
- To send money you need credit card

well some people say paypal is not safe, some people say it is, all depends on how lucky you are. check out for some horror stories :wink:

Aha okie, well i post soem other questions if i have them. Thx for help b.

If you intend to use PayPal on a site as a purchasing system i recommend you take a look at:

They and PayPal both charge a commission fee though, so watch out how much money you play with while using their services because they do take a stake. :!:

LOL i think we will be working on soem other system...PayPal is not the thing i need, cause not little ammount of currencies will be held on da account.