So nice to be an admin?

We knwo whom it is dedicated to, but lets tlak between lines ok?

some known admin wrote:

Dont try discuss something thats beyond you

Man if you dont knwo a stuff, then dont say such a stuff about me and my Hommie BlaZe, if ya brain been cleaned by a super minds just accept it.

some known admin wrote:

name millions of bad things about Russia

Name 100 atleast then i will publicaly accept you super mind and tat i am just a jealous kid. I cna do soemthing else just to bet you.


I've experienced it all: war, poverty, bad life, crime, good life etc...

Tell this to Christine or Thomas, you cna even say it to ya hommies in the hood, butman we know the real face of yourz.


Each and every single country in the world has suffered at some stage in its life time. Doesnt take a genious to figure that out. However, each and every country's power levels also change throughout time. Russia was a superpower a few decades ago, it no longer is. Iraq was a flourishing country running the entire middle east a few decades ago, it no longer is. Africa was a heavenly place to be a few centuries ago, it no longer is.

English people including our super admin been stubborn and st****, they still are.
Man open the eyes, if our economy isnt good to put a contest again USA, but our gun power still the first.
About IRAQ hehe soon USA gets the punishment, i dotn wish punishment to people there, they are all good , i wish it to their president and whole pentagon.


This post outlines all sides of this discussion and explores the areas you were blinded to think about.

Hey everything seeing dude, tell me the situation with UKOS in russia then? Be aware i know more than you think about it, so becareful saying stupid things.

HEY if i get banned after this post goodbye to everybody, noxcel e-mail me dude, ask BlaZe for e-mail.

...dude, we all know where this thread is

one thing though, it is an overstatement saying Russia's firepower is bigger and stronger than that of the US's and its 12 carriers, 21 OHIO class SSBN subs,21 B2 Spirit bombers, 3000 M1s, 300+ F22s (in dev) and more.

I don't want to turn this topic into a political one so i'll stop right there, also, I don't want this topic to continue going where it was meant to go it is clearly a hate-topic.

Military wise, do some research @

First of all i challenged your views with GENERAL statements, not concentrating on a single entity. BlaZe has nothing to do with this. RedD you know our Site Policies. This post underlines your stupidity once again. This isnt the new and improved RedD but more like the old ignorant HATED RedDragon making a comeback.

Warning 1: This is your first warning. Continue this and you will get your wish and be banned for good. This topic is buried and i discusssed all sides to that argument, not concentrating on Russia or any particular country. Go read it again and again, and use a DICTIONARY if you need help or PM me and i'll be happy to explain! :arrow:

This topic and political "public" discussion is OVER! :x :!: