Some Scetches.

A Scetch of a layout we did for one hosting company and it will become alive :) What you think? lol thel ines aint straight, cause the first rule says " dont paint while drunk ". :D and the content of the template wont be so lol :)

Why i posted? wanted to share :)

heheh damn its a bit too big, hard to see all of it. But good to see concepts of a website in such early planning phase. Keep it up :arrow:

Here what BlaZe and me were thinkign about :)

Was kinda half mine half Blazes idea. The Panel Painting done by BlaZe :D Me did the Cyborg.

*fixed the image link*
again.. make it smaller man - imagine people watching this on an 800x600px they'll be lost! :roll:

We try :) Look forward for scetch of MujiMedia Designs!

lol ;) doint let the 800x600 ppl drown in your scetches ;)..

It's hard enough to see it on 1600x1200... the 3D effect on the first one looks nice on screen, (when it has been implimented.)

wtf, downsize it.

LOL too lazy sorry Xeo.

lol ok fine. Well from what I can see. My advice is, be a little more imaginative in the designs. Not so STANDARD and typical. That doesn’t necessarily mean heavy gfx. Just think out side the box.

If you see such a designs everyday just point on some ok? The website will be light, anyway when the layout and htmling done it can be overdone million times, so it is just scatches , not final product.

Btw don't look at thir quality... We were tired and drunk wile doing them :)

SE, nice signature :) :lol: