Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

Ok, you know that I am into rap and shit, but I also enjoy all kinds of music. I was watching MTV and they have this show, where they show how some of the music videos were made. I watched Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit. I was amazed, they showed how they draw anime and stuff, very similar to website design lol. VERY CREATIVE. The song is nice too.

I just finished "walking to a store" :wink: and now I have 5 of their cds[all of them sound the same] :p

You right, dude! :)

Yeah i have respect for those people, since they create their own material fully, that includes their site and videos too!

Fact: Breaking The Habit was created by the same dude that did Kill Bill and Animatrix, how cool is that?

To tell the truth i can listen to trance, house or soem other electronical stuff, but never that thing which Linkin playing, or some other simlliar groups

MTV VMA 2004 - Viewer's choice award: Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

Well i even dotn care about those moffos on MTV, since it all became a corporate stuff.

There are too many awards these days, they should get rid of them and make one final decisive award. Like the OSCARS for movies 8)

Who wants to join me in this conquest to rule the world? And tag music and say who's good who's bad? It must be the best job in the world. hehehe

Possibly this will end lieing on the floro somewhere in USA with a bullet in our heads, lol small fish crosses the way of a shark yaknomean?

yea linkin park breakin the habit is a kick ass song so is faint. i fact im listening to it rite now!