Fonts searchers!

Hello everybody.

As all designers i am looking for all the best free fonts available in the internet.

Once i used to use a Fontfreak, but now there ia trojan installer!!!! beware! if you are not using a AntiviRus programm it will install the next trojan:

Maybe you can advise me a website where i can download soem spicy fonts? If i will find one i will drop a line herem so lets make this post a link-exchange on free fonts.

i guess i will be the first one to post a link:

as you can see the website is on russian, but it is asy to navigate it !

Just seee the <<>>point on the letter you want and it will show the fonts with the names strating on this letters. Big collections.

damn, dafont is a great website indeed

Yea i liked it, but none font suited me :) i guess i start making my own, for MUJI Media. is good. Providing you know the name of a font you might want. , it isnt very good for freeware fonts, however it is home to a nifty little tool called "WhatTheFont". You can upload an image of a font you like and it gives results of possible or near matches.

That would be a really good tools indeed! Gonna test it right now :)

Wow, thats really impressive if it can do that. great concept and very convenient for us designers. Thanks Xeo!

Rippers possibly partying da whole time it is up ;)

Not really, i've had to deal with so many similar issues when i worked for ProntaPrint.

A client comes in, asks if he can have a font like this as his company name. Shows me a sample, and im stuck trying to find out what the hell that font is called. That process wasted so many hours of my time - but it was great "work experience" hehe.

Just cant imagine such kidn of works, they payed well ?

They wanted me to stay and work for them.. too bad i had to turn down the offer and head to university. They had some good salary ready for me, but i rather have a degree in my hand then the money!

I'v used them before.