Need ya advice!

Hey peeps i am going to order a new hosting and pay one guy what i ought him for the first one :) Ok now help me choose the one i need.

Here are what i have found :

I want not a big dis quota around 100mb or maybe more :) Well i have like 100 $ a year for hosting, help me choose. You can give mea link on another hosting firm if ya want.

well, there are a few hosting offers on this forum, check the other topics.

theres a lot more if you go to HostFinder

My latest account is from , you can get a nice plan for $10/month. I have $15/month plan, and can't say nothing bad so far. Server load is around 0.4% most of the time, that is VERY good.

or go for their regular account at $15 per 6 month.

or I can give you free hosting if you will not use a lot of transfer. will 2 gigs/month be enough for you?

btw, I am working on 5, yes 5 hosting related websites, so before ordering, contact me and I will do a quick research about your host. DO NOT GO with any of the companies that Bio posted!!! Trust me.

You can go with, great hosting[ is hosted there], but their prices are not low.

I didnt do much research into the hosting companies i posted above, thats for you to study and think about. ;)

RedD i guess you should take advantage of noxcel's kind offer. Get your business started by hosting it with nox, then when you're ready to support yourself transfere to your own host. That way you can gain an idea of what factors are involved, and spend your money on marketing rather than hosting to generate some traffic and customers :idea:

Hey Noxcel add me to msn or icq so we talk about it. I have found PRIVATE MESSAGES module innactive!

RedD wrote:

Hey Noxcel add me to msn or icq so we talk about it. I have found PRIVATE MESSAGES module innactive!

just email me, or wait till sunday, then we can talk on msn. I have university math "pretest" tomorrow so I will not be online today, and tomorrow after the test I need to write up a contract with new advertiser. so sunday it is :wink:

Okie just look than contact me :)

RedD wrote:

Okie just look than contact me :)

hey, sorry, was busy all sunday, email me all questions/info and I will setup your account. Email me your domain, and password that you want me to setup for you.

n o x c e l [at] e m a i l . youKNOW ["untispam", LOL]


Man i couldnt send you an email, mine emailservice said that there is no way to deliver it :/ Well i sent you a private message here at GD.

heheh, nice anti spam there noxcel :)
Hope you guys reached a deal - the best of luck!

We already did. I think the post can be closed.