Our Studio HighLights


People i decided to make a special post where i be uploading all of our studio works, until we arrange the website. It will be updating even if we have one anyway. Also the works which are in development will be here so you can suggest something good to make it look better. I will be mentioning if the work in development or not.

P.S. Please dont use the vote until we highlight atleast 3 of our projects which are now in development with some others.

Thank you.
Work in the next posts.
Comments are appreciated.

Ok here comes the work which is in development atm. We have a deadline until 23-rd of august, so it will be fixed many times. I want to mention that we wil be posting 2 layouts(absolutely different). You ask why? Because 1 come from Blaze (the one you see first) and the one from me, so we want you to tell us which one you prefer.

Project name : Firm is the leading storage and networking innovator of enabling IP SANs and NAS (file sharing) storage in one appliance

Here come the screenshots:

1. By BlaZe named light techno style.

You can post ya comments now :)

Looks nice from what I can see. Though hard to make much judgement on that tiny downsized view. Can you post 75% or 50% perhaps?...

Colour wise it looks nice - business wise it doesnt look like a corporate site.
From that screenshot i can say it's well arranged but obviously we cant test how good its made (code/layout/slices) since its only a screenshot!

looks nice, the text will be hard to read in these colors.

People like you neved been uploading pics to GFXDiary and dont know how to make a big preview? Here comes 100% layout screenshot:

As you can see the metal effects are still bad, we will be working on them. BTW today i be uploading mine version.

Hehe my babys come, ok i want you first comment the layout and second choose the coolour scheme(background scheme ) ya like.




The palce where you see the next text : Здесь будет презентация will have a flash presentation of the firm.
The white sauqre will be removed and there will be south,north,east,west arrows and you can 3d view the product!
BTW the design is so high tek cause the people who ordered the website said that it has to be a high-tek+corporate, i guess i reached what they wanted me to do.

Waiting for ya comments!

looks great!
especially the dark one :)

The 3rd layout is the best one there, because its darker, and more balanced in my opinion.

The flash presentation will need to have some bright colours to make it stand out :idea:

So far so good, i think your layout is more suitable for this business than BlaZe's layout!

Thanks for the comments, just recieved some comments from the company, need to put anew block, WHITEPAPERS and Customers Solutions. It means thelayout will be reworked much, posting pics in like 10 hours, cause i need to sleep now :)

I like the 1st one. If the site will be flash, I quess you can use this background, but if it is just html, make the background white.

The website will include both flash and html versions.
Due to their request i am ought to redoen this layout and then make a new one for checkign which one is best. This time i have to make Light one :) Will be working.

I like the first one of yours RedD.

Ok It is 19:26 now here what i done , was working like 3-4 hours, mostof the time on the idea.

Will update in next 4 hours.

This one looks better, much more improved. Try and add business stock photos to give it a professional business look, move away from the typical design website look. Your target and aim is different now, so u have to look and think like a business company. :arrow:

Organised, and simple, with some eye candy - keep it up.