A MATRIX Game?!?

WOW, i didnt know there was a matrix game out there. :shock:
i guess everyone is making games nowadays. its becoming sooo easy to produce one, i just hope people dont over do it - and actually come up with something original - even if its just a tiny bit unique so people can improve and raise the stakes... :roll:

I think the metrix game is only in production and will be released next year or something.

well, i believe it will be kick ass....they already had a few matrix mods out..but none of them was really great...theyve been workin on the matrix game for some time now, seen some reviews bout it, and it looks quite promising.

Release date 15th may (of course)

there is some review about it here

WOW, that matrix interview URL by nexflow is haunted. I was reading the interview and then all of a sudden u know about them sudden popup adverts that flash in ur eyes and then disappear? well this one was about the matrix... AMAZING! multiple windows opened up, flashed Agent Smith talking then disappeared one by one.... COOOOOOOL

I tried, it doesnt do it again... :?

LoL my friend already plays Matrix The Game :) says AWSOME!!!!!! but not very original :) "We've seen this before Red" so i am not buying it , only going to play it 2morrow and can make a little review.

The game sucks :), far to many bugs
It could have been a good game without them ...

I played it at my friends computer. Its a good concept but somehow its missing something - it doesnt make you come back to the game for more. He offered to send it to me but i didnt want it. Who wants a 2GIG game? :shock:

I'd rather enjoy the extra free space on my harddisk :P

With my 220 gb space i wont even notice a loss of 2 gig :P

sheesh 250GIG? I only got 120GIG, 60 for usage and 60 to keep a backup of my usage cos i seem to get viruses from all over the world. I dont think people like Biomutation that much otherwise they wouldnt be sending me virus packed emails :P