Need good criticism on this photos.

Ok i am making one project so i am willing to give some people work. Let me know what you think on every pic, how you rate it (5 is max). Do you think that photographer has a talent? I have mine opinion but i want to know what people think.

Photo number 1:

Photo number 2 :

Photo number 3 :

Photo number 4 :

Photo number 5 :

Photo number 6 :

P.S. Also i want you to report riping. If you have seen this pics before, tell me where, i trust this guy much, but i mention this just incase.

P.S.2. Dont rip themselves! If you want to use it in ya artwork, tell it here and mention it on ya website portfolio.

Everybody thank you in advance.

They're all good apart from the 2nd photo. Its a bit weak compared to the rest. A tip is that you should crop some of the photos to set the focus on a certain part. For example the 1st photo, you dont need that extra green on either sides since the focus is on the plant in the middle. :idea:

More pics comming up.