Silver Harbour header

Header i did for mine friends website.

the image:

Extra info:
1. rudder pic was taken from cause friend asked to do the pic as fast as i can, i will make my own and replace this free one in future.
2. done under high control of UB 40 :lol: well the fathers of reaggae music ya know :lol: yea i was high

Post ya comments please.

Jah Red D :lol:

looks nice, works well as a header, obviously not knowing the site's colour scheme but im guessing its iMac style silver right?

Trully this gray border in the bottom was done as an example of windows-XP-bars, well this what came up. The colour scheme is the same so it fits good :)

looks ok, I guess. We need to see the full layout to tell.

Trully i started working on the layout already :)

Well soon i announce you will see 3 more mine projects:

1. Internet Shop project done with BlaZe :) yea BlaZe still here with us :)
2. GipsHack Crew ultra high-tech layout :) coding by Blaze :)
3. A new layout for mine website and it's launch to web.

See ya folks, thanks for comments.

P.S. Keep posting comments.