Unfinished Beta Designs


I liked the pink in this design, but aside from that it was a mess and my first attempt at a pure CSS layout. I started making it in November of last year. You can see where it started at http://buddyinfo.computed.net/test.html.


I used this one for awhile, thought it too bland and just quit working on it. Right now I gave someone permission to use it on his site. I was even swell enough not to make him pay anything. I'm sure I'll change my mind soon. This was my first stab at XHTML and it turns out my coding process already was XHTML compatible aside from a few things. Also, this was my first layout that was CSS and HTML 4.01 (and later XHTML 1.0) valid.


Worked on this for a couple of hours over three or so days and decided not to finish it. I finally made a logo that I like. Not sure if I'll use it now, but most likely I will.


This was a quick mock-up I did for a client. I sort of got shafted by not setting down that I wanted pay, and all that good stuff. You can see her design over at www.urbanvisualization.com. You can also tell her you hate her for not paying me, but save that till later because I'm going to do another project with her that'll make me money.

Yep, that's what I've been up to these last couple of months.

Oh, and the beginings of another one can be found at http://www.latentmedium.com. I like the new header by the way, and hopefully I won't vanish for another couple of months.

1. i think we seen it already, but it is normal layout, still not finished.
2. test.html dont work
3. taken from one design studio, clear layout rip.
4. looks liek a start of good thing, good colours.
5. nothing special, bad choose of colours.
6. good start, can come out in good thing....

You've been working on the first layout for so long and still there have not been any major improvements
The 2nd layout looks more promising, organised, good structure and has some potential.
The 3rd layout looks interesting for now, but i cant comment on it since its nothing but a rectangle on a page at the moment. Good use of colour but we'll see how well you balance the text, links, etc..

As for the UV layout, well i suggest you use your CSS2 skills in there to spice it up, it needs major improvements. So keep it going and keep us upto date...

I like #1 best.

Not sure if I was clear or not, but I don't plan on finishing these. These were just tests and things that I've done over the course of the last couple of months for practice. Anywho, here's the next one:


The background is actually my favorite part of this. The third column (farthest to the right) was going to have things on it, but I decided to move on to something else. Now that I look back on the code it's terribly sloppy.


I just put this up so that I'd have something constant on my site until I decided on what to do with it. I like this one a lot and don't plan on changing it for awhile. I may recode it though, because I've stopped naming my classes with numbers. I know it lacks a logo. Something I may consider adding in soon.

Much love to people that give feedback.

beta four looks pretty good, very light, needs some extras , but look good for personal site, bo for design studio.

www.latentmedium.com is more light than the previous :) lacks the logo as you mentioned.