Leaving for a few months.

Hey guys,

Just to let u know im leaving the UK in a few hours for a business trip. Will be back end of September. I'll still come here from time to time to keep myself upto date on whats happening. Thomas will still be here though taking care of business.

I never got a chance to finish the fairy logo concept for www.FriendScene.com :(

www.CodeUnit.com had a few enhancements but i need to think of a good system to allow people to use different languages (currently English and Dutch) on the site without starting a war or confusing new visitors.

Also put up a quick wip splash at www.GfxUnit.net - the whole splash still needs A LOT of work but its better than an empty page dont u think?

Thats it from me, shutting down PC :cry:

Have fun bio. Good luck.
Yea that splash is better than an empty page :P

See you in few mounths, i am leavign soon also :)

maybe we can have a contest @ gfxdiary, for the header of friendscene ... ill organize it, who's in?

If I'm not busy I might try. We'll have to see :).

If you will held in august then i am free to get in.

Business trip, where? what is it for? ... you left out all the interesting details, or can't you say. :P I'm sure you'll get access to a laptop somewhere. I think you should let go of the "...silver chrome or nothing." design approach. It looks an okay start, but is getting boring.

Assuming you agree to start one, If you leave the deadline open for the duration of the summer months July to start of September for example then people can just post entries/ideas etc about FS throughout.

Business trip to UAE as you can tell by my FS profile :idea:
Working for Sophos Corps bring their shares up in the Middle East region. Mainly dealing with Anti Virus and Anti Spam as a technical engineer.

Using the office internet for now, till i can organise myself and get a laptop with internet in my room. Our host has messed up the file permissions on the server trying to correct a small issue in a message i wrote to them, thats the reason why FS and certain parts of GfxDiary might return broken images, and access denied errors. Im still waiting for them to resolve the problem and i'll let you guys know the result.

About the FS header, it'll be great to see what you guys can do. I've got my Hdisk with me here, so once i get a laptop i'll be able to continue where i left off with the logo, site development, bug fixes and updates. Its not fair to leave everything on Thomas's shoulders :P

Damn Bio my man till what time you stay in UAE? I am planing to visit this awsome country( well i been there 15 times already ;) ) at 26 of July possibly Dubai.

BioALIEN wrote:

Will be back end of September.

Im not in Dubai though, Abu Dhabi - and DAMN its HoT! Walking outside in the hot wind is literally like a SONAR :o

Yea yea summer is really not the time to visit UAE :) But clubs, shops and awsome luxury girls are what i like there :)

Ok my few months trip was cut short to 1 month. Job finished, learnt a lot and picked up a lot of experience. Now i think i have an idea of where im heading after i graduate ;)

I brought back a lot of pictures with me - will post some of them once i get some free time to unwind and relax from an 8 hour flight!

London: Riny, hot and miserable - just what i like. Home Sweet Home! :twisted:

Welcome back mate :)

Welcome back doc