GfxDiary 2005: One Step Closer

Hello all,

I can honestly say, today (4th July 2004) was the most stressful day i've had since finishing my university exams this year. Im sure Thomas feels the same if not worse. Not only did we launch our eagerly awaited - a site aimed to connect people and bring them closer, but we also released the BETA version of - a community site focusing on high level programming help and support.

As you can see, CodeUnit still requires a lot of work since most of our efforts went into the FriendScene project. However, both sites demonstrate the the sophisticated technology and power of the engine (The CORE) behind the up and coming GfxDiary 2005.

Heres a side note: The reason behind the double release this is simple, im leaving the UK on a business trip in a few days and will be returning in mid September. Whether i'll be online is still uncertain but rest assured this place is still fully maintained and regulated - normal duties will being taken care of by the other GfxDiary Team members.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a nice relaxing summer, and thanks for supporting 8)

GfxDiary 2005 is now released and as always, we have delivered on our promise 8)

We can all safely say this topic can be closed!