[D-Zyner] - Pixel Perfect - Version 2.0 - All Welcome!

Hello everyone of GFXDiary. I have decided to make a completely different design for my site, and I would like some feedback. My design is not finished, it is at 50% design completed. Please view it at:


I hope that you will enjoy it, I will also be updating the picture as I progress. Please leave feedback, and thank you very much :D.

P.S. Just wondering, what happend to the GFX Header contest? Did anyone win yet? Thank you! :).

Well decent design, seen everywhere.

What? What do you mean seen everywhere, I just designed this site from scratch never seen ever. Click where i give the url in the above post, don't go to the www.d-zyner.com link. That's not what i mean.

It looks like something that belongs to an Absolute Cross template range. I would also say the slogan/name 'Pixel Perfect' is already overused by the trendwhore community.

So you're saying that you think i took a template from somewhere? lol. I made this from scratch and am not done with it yet....

No, I'm not saying you used a template, neither am I doubting that you made it. It just happens to look like a template.

oh....ok, lol....well go here to view my newest update of what it looks like :).


OMG Alladin no need to be so mad when people judge your work. For me ya template look far away from perfect. Even talking about the upper panel which is situated upper the words D-Zyner i think i've seen same concept at www.dj-designs.com previous versions. I was trying to say, that you havent invented nothing new. Keep working on your new version.

Inventions are hard to come up with these days. So the best thing to do is work on the functionality and use.

I still dont see how this layout beats your current layout, but keep working on it and we'll see how it turns out.
Note: Regards to the Header contest, im not going to discuss this. Wait like everybody else for the results!