this one is going to puzzle u

a new problem has arrived as i was working on my banner. i made all the 3 images fade in and out which worked quite well thanks to all the staff of bluesfear. but now i want to add this element that was in the orginal psd file. it was in an overlayed mode in photoshop but watevr. so i saved it as a gif and imported into flash and i made into a fading mc and then i put that movie clip into the banner movie clip and it didnt play as a mc. it just showed it. what do i do to make the new movie clip play reguarly in the banner mc.

Damn, whatever ur making must be damn complex and confusing hehe

Just thinking from the top of my head here - i guess u might be able to make the movie play continuously using ActionScript. Im not entirely sure, but maybe something like if the movie reaches THIS frame GOTO frameX (where X is an earlier frame in the movie).

Experiment around, use to find ActionScripts :idea:

Wow, I know flash but, my head hurts from reading that.

well, i figured it out without Actionscript

loadMovie("yourmovie.swf",yourContainerClip); right? :)

no motion tweening. no actionscript watsoever. the only command i know is the stop ().

I misread without as with. :\
Anyway glad you got it sorted. :)

:o its sorted? No more tweaning and flash work? Come on now, lets see what all this fuss was about - show us the goods hehehe

lol, no goods.......yet.