graphic forums

LOl only GfxDiary. I rarely use internet :)

I've been to a few forums but they're non graphics related. So i guess they dont fit in here but here they are:

As you can see, im only using them to get my head around programming - which i dont think i'll ever be good at it :P

p.s. thanks for the compliments above!

Well i just search soem Windows forums: - incase i dont know a solution on the problem. - no comments, the place for all russian underground rap.

gfxdiary and sometimes, and a dutch forum

Gazal Designs AKA, clubG ... the founder has just relaunched it after a 2 year break.

:? 2 year break? Thats just teasing the members hehehe

Apart from here, I use and i used to use another but i forgot it now.

Why do people use other forums? What do you exactly look out for?
Is it lots of activity that turns you on? Actual graphics advice help/support?

Or just a nice friendly place to grow up in?

Usually I look for,

Firstly, a good designed forum. If it looks crap, I won't use it.
Secondly, if it has an active forum. This is usually at least around 10 posts per day.
Thirdly, if the actual members of a forum are not helpful or just generally unfriendly I find it hard to actually enjoy being there.
Lastly, I find it helps if it has many other sections in the forum. Then I know it isn't only focused on what it is best at. And there is actual social interaction in the forum.


grow up in

Grow up ? From what to what ?

From a small person just randomly surfing the web.. to a big person still randomly surfing the web but now with some knowledge and some friends to help you out and possibly forming business units and alliances :)

soon, there will be only one big forum.... Be afraid, be very afraid....

damn, I need to spot writing my thoughts :(