[D-Zyner] Designs - The Modern Designer

Hey everyone, Remember me? I was the owner of Aladdin's Palace in the past, but my nickanme has changed, sadly I can not update it on these forums, and I created a new site/company for those interested in web-master resources. Please view my new site, to some it may have already been viewed. Thank you. :)

Site Name: [D-Zyner] Designs - The Modern Designer
Site URL: http://www.d-zyner.com

P.S. When is the next GFXDiary Header Contest? Thank you!

:o a change of identity i see? Well, the site is looking better so keep it up.

P.s. The next GfxDiary header contest is already released and will be closed soon ;) Its in the same topic as before so check it out there. Closing soon so hurry!