blending two external images into each other

i call upon the staff of GfxDiary to help me once again with flash. i made a banner in photoshop and decided that i wanted to animate in flash so i saved it as a jpeg and imported into flash. The banner which was created in photoshop is based upon blending modes so there are 3 images of the banner on top of each other for the whole banner. What i basically want to do is take those 3 images which have all been imported and blend them together in flash in a fading in/ fading out type of way. And after that, i want to animate the other elements in the banner to spice it up because it is so plain otherwise. I've tried Motion Tweening the two images by having each image on a keyframe but that didnt work. Please, this is a plead for help.

A newbie explanation should do be fine. Thank You.

I dont see the problem - its the same principle as your old post about blending images, its just that you're working with three images (layers/frames).

Heres a simple tutorial about motion tween:

About your idea of fading in/out obviously you'd change the alpha/opacity of the layer you're working with to achieve this effect! Note: fade-in and tweening has to occur over a series of frames. The more frames between 0% and 100% alpha the slower the fade in.

Another thing to remember is "Shape Tween" will not work on images, you have to use a "Motion Tween". You also have to make your images a movie clip or a graphic symbol so that you can fade it.

I hope this helps :)

everytime i change the alpha for a different keyframe, it changes the other keyframe as well. For example, i have the first image on the frame1 and then a keyframe at frame30. the alpha at frame1 is 100%, i go to change the alpha at frame30 to 0%, and it changes frame1 also to 0%. what the hell is the problem?

Generally in motion tween, you specify the beginning (start frame) and the end (last frame). Then all the frames in between is just the result of the tween doing its job. If you want to control the middle of the tween then theres different methods you can approach. You can try multiple back to back motion tweens:

Tween from A - B (the point you want to change)
Tween from B - C (the end result)

You have to be very precise with the frames though - practice till you get the hang of it!

i didnt ask to control the frames in the middle of the motion tween. i said that when i change the alpha for any keyframe on the layer, it changes the alpha for all the keyframes on the layer and makes it the same. No keyframe on that layer can have a different alpha. I change on keyframe's alpha and it changes it for the rest of the keyframes on that layer. despite if there is a motion or if there isn't.