$0.25 CPM ads for sale!!!

Hello Everyone,

We have ad spaces available for sale on our website: http://www.newtutorials.com

On our web site, visitors can find tutorials for programs like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash and 3d Studio Max. We also have a large collection of webmaster tools. Last week, we also opened a web hosting section which has articles for the webmasters.

Most of our visitors are web designers, graphic designers and web developers.

Available ads: We offer 90x90 logo ads that will be displayed on every page. Your ad will be static. This means that your ad will be viewed on all of our pages and every single visitor will see your ad. [you can see some logos already inserted at the buttom of the site]

We believe that 90x90 logo ads, will be more effective than regular banners because most of the users ignore banner ads and will most likely click on a clean logo.

The price is $30.00 USD/month.

Your ad will receive around 4000+ impressions/day. If you consider that you paying $1/day, you will see that the CPM (cost-per-impression) rate is $0.25. On the days when we add new content, your ad will get around 7000 impressions and sometimes it can go up as high as 10000+ impressions/day. Similar websites sell ad spaces for $2-10 CPM, we sell for less than $0.25.

Stats: http://www.newtutorials.com/stats.gif

We believe that most of the advertisers will renew their ad next month and the month after that, so this opportunity might never be available again. This offer is posted on different forums, so act quick.

Payment By: Paypal

If you interested, please post "sold", and I will pm you with details.

Thank You