how do i animate a banner in flash that was made in photoshp

Hi everyone. I was just curious about all these websites that i see on the web that have banners that were made in photshop and are animated quite well in flash. I was wondering how this is accomplished because i am trying to make a nice profffesional design for my site. So my question is if the layout was made entirely in photoshop, how is it exported and remade/animated in flash? parts of it like the banner, etc..

just copy-paste layer by layer

wat about the layer styles and every little detail in the banner like if i wanted to added all that little vector art. like the little circles that u see rotating in banners and stuff like that. and how would u animate each layer differently and export it as an html page overall as u would in imageready?

Not sure how other designers go about this, but heres what i did for Biomutation:

Make the layout in Photoshop, take the portion of the layout/banner you like to animate using Edit > Copy Merged. Paste in Macromedia Flash and take it from there. Or you can save the File as a JPEG/GIF and import it into Flash - whichever you prefere.

Of course ImageReady can also be used to animate but the result would be an animated GIF. I suggest you go over Flash Tutorials since you seem to be interested in this topic :idea:

thanks man

Save the little 'trendwhoreish' 2d decor ("little circles that u see rotating in banners") as a transparent PNG. Import to flash and make each little movie clip, so a rotating circle, flying arrow or whatever. Then save your background on its own as a JPG in photoshop and import to flash. Then import each of your previouly made movieclips, of the rotating arrows etc on seperate layer on top of your background. Nice on filesize. :)