who want to fight?

anyone want to make battle with me, I'm free now and i can't wait redD til september, too long...

trico vs marnie

theme: angel [photomanipulation]
size: none
jpeg exchange only
no rounds

busy or scary?

Both. I'd like to do a PHP battle :p

hum I'm big shit in php...

I'm not busy at all so if someone want to do rmx or battle please come on... post here

2 weeks left until I fniish here... will be up for some battling/remixin' then.

why not, I must wait so and wait and wait 8)

trico im waiting you

That sounds like a date trico hehehe ;)
Make sure u bring along enough ammo and some big weapons!

Lol what the connection between design battle and big weapons? dotn make sence Bio

I guess rarely somebody will even particepate much on this forums ;) summer makes its evil work.

I possibly be available in the middle of august.

...1 more week left :)


marnie i would battle you, but i know i'll end up like RedD and will have to disappear half way - my schedule is too unpredictable :(

alright bio, sure i'll kill you when you'll stay stop ;)

you can start

*BioALIEN runs away* ahahaha

Let me finish my on going battles with Vinc3 and Nexflo and then challenge you at a later date :)


Okay I've effectively finished for the year...

Break out the stock photography :D

wow incredible!!!

JUst a little question marnie, got nothing else to do, but battle ? it's summer!

What's 2-3 hours for a battle out of 1680...

trico is right

i must study a lot this summer so one or two battle is for fun, passiiiiiiiiiioooooooonnn !!

Heheh thats the spirit :)

Theres been a design draught on GfxDiary - sith seems to be the only one still fighting the sun. So lets see some design taking place ;)

So Marnie, would you like to outline your conditions ? ...Type, Theme, Starting images; you get the idea. :wink:

...Lets get this started before I place my motivation in other things. :P

Let's go


rmx - angel/sky/sweet opposate to dark image of course :cheesygrin:

no soze limit you can add what you want

just jpeg exchange

And you start 8)


BioALIEN wrote:

Heheh thats the spirit :)

Theres been a design draught on GfxDiary - sith seems to be the only one still fighting the sun. So lets see some design taking place ;)


K, will make a start after work...

Damn marnie why you always take that low quality photos?

challenge is better !!

wow really nice trico i like it!!!

Lookin' cool;

...will carry on tomorrow.

Nice start, Marnie you're going to have to update the first post of this topic. Keep editing it to contain the Battle rounds you guys do.

For an example look at my battles with other people. That way lazy people can check out the whole battle from the first post in this thread. :idea:

Well to tell the truth i really look crossed-eyed on peeps who roll da same idea "Angels,guardians,destruction and etc. bull stuff". This is not a diz but i just seen too much of this.

Damn, this is a tough one for marnie - where will she take the concept next? :roll:

Nicely done though!

Uhhh looks too pixelised.

Yea, looks like a hella lot of jaggies there... but to this extent I wonder if intentional? Spose it could add to the effect. Love the noise tho. :)

haha, damn I thought that last one would buy me some time. Okay lets see where it goes from here.

Okay I've got the next one up...


well i dunno if it's the last one or you can make one again and it's over

Abstract Bird (really abstract) :)

Very good, i like the way this battle is going - i think you should keep it going...

Trés bon, :)

Don't expect anything till Saturday, I've got other plans. :P

alright ;)

I like the way this is going!