Damn i was impressed with this one really much, first it is an original script, ofcource the gameplay can coem dull if you play on easy mode, but try Hadrcore and those sneaking and stuff will help you save your live. Anybody tryed it yet?

Is this the one where u're supposed to survive ome kind of reality TV show, where u're hunted?

Yea some kind of, you also hear soem voices which say " Stawn him!".

Not much of a game player but i've heard a few good reviews about this game. Will have to confirm those reports one day when i get some free time :)

I've played it and it's really very good! The graphics are great (for a PS2 game) and the gameplay is awesome. But unfortunately, it's probably going to get banned over here. Some kid killed his best friend with a hammer because he saw it on the game and thought it was the right thing to do. Here's the story

Game wont be banned, since the kid that killed his friend was immature and been playing the game, despite the fact there is a warning on the disc about age 18+.

It might be banned, 5 or 6 shop companies have taken it off their shelves already.

I think it is banned in the UK now.

I don't think it is yet but it will soon, the only shop I could find it in today, out of 4 shops, was GAME. And there was only 2 copies. I was going to get it but The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay tempted me too much lol and I had to get it. Looks like I'll never be able to get Manhunt :(.

Lol you know, i can sell you all one copy :) hahahaha .....