Movies to see this year!

What movies are you looking forward to this year?

i'm waiting for X-men II, Terminator3, Matrix II and my very own home made movie entitled: The CurveBall Master 8)

2]Matrix 2
3]2 Fast 2 Furious

Matrix 2 DEFINETLY and MATRIX 3 of course,....both released this year

term 3 as well..

but matrix is my....well......destiny?

Matrix series, If lucky my own 3d animated movie Mr. Death, X2, 2Fast 2Furious and if I wont havenothing to do to fill my time maybe even T3

OK, i have now seen The Matrix: Reloaded (Matrtix II) and own X-Men IIbut havnt seen it yet...

Damn, hurry up and release Terminator III so we can all direct our attention to Lord Of The Rings III and Matrix III :wink:

omg...matrix reloaded!!!! was amazing...counting the days to matrix revolutions.....

if you havent done soo, watch matrix2.

Xmen2...was even better then Xmen1....but still matrix is unbeatable :)

I do not know about you people, but from the comments from my friends and some reviews I must say that Matrix 2 was very bad. I wanted to go and see it tomorrow, but 8 out of 10 people say that it sucked so I decided not to see it and just wait till T3.

ALL of you Matrix fans - do not hate me...

damn, u must have bad friends... well, the Matrix 2 was kinda as good as the first but not as good (damn that makes no sense at all :? )
they could have easily ended the whole thing towards the end and there wouldnt be a matrix 3 when neo gets the option to decide which door to choose :roll:

Matrix 2 differs a bit as it brings Morpheus's character more into the spotlight - but i must admit i hated that speech he gave to those people who worshipped him... they messed up the strong image he built from The Matrix (1) being a quiet, intellignet and a deadly leader.

but all that was put aside when the huge fighting scene of Agent Smiths getting smashed and beaten up by neo. in my opinion that way the best sene of the entire of Matrix II.

oh and did i mention i hated the fact that neo turned into superman? i mean if he can alter his mind to make him fly then why cant he do the same trick to enable him to beat people with huge sky scrapers instead of sticks? or are we getting way unrealistic here? *sigh*

overall: 4.8/5

"What you must learn is that these rules are no different than the rules of a computer system. Some of them can be bent, others can be broken. Understand? Then hit me, if you can"

argh I love this movie :)

but again its only a movie, so thats why he didnt rip out skyscrapers and killed all the agents :)

anyway matrix2 is a must see...there are some scenes where i think there was too much intelectual talk (i.e. with the architect talking about . That just adds to the fact that we are not fully sure whats going on either....

well noxcel screw your friends and watch that movie :)

Well then....My first post...and no pic to match my identity.....i feel so out of place....
1.)Matrix Revolutions
2.)Terminator 3
3.)Freddy vs. Jason

thats it really.......
CHEESE!! :shock:

Matrix reloaded i think worse than the first one. Neo become god who can defeat hundred agents. :(
Now i'm waiting for T3.

Well i will watch both Matrix series , but just to see what kind of mastership in graphics they have accieved.

Terminator 3 the siquel on the film of my childhood.
Astalavista Baby!

Yeah, i'm looking forward to T3 now. Matrix 2 made me ask soo many questions about the matrix. But nevertheless, its a good film. RedDragon, if ur gonna watch Matrix for the special effects then dont forget to add Lord Of The Rings films to that list! THEY ARE AMAZING! :shock:

Lord of The Rings is better to be readen then seen.. But the film is good, more theni expected from Hollywood. Both series satisfied my appetites.

I agree. When i first read the book i was amazed. So interesting book i've never read. Film ruined all my expectations.

the movie was great...u gotta admit fit soo much content in 3 hours (well 3x3 hours)

course they had to change certain parts....but overall the movie(s) just rock.....


LOL Blaze i said the film feeded my appetites, so i said it was the thing i expected.

BTW what did u expect from the movie?

Did you read the book? I can't find the right words... The sense of adventure, tragedy etc. was on every page of the book. I agree effects in the film was good but... something can't be compared with the book. I didn't get satisfaction when i saw this movie. :(

You havent watched any others films then dude. Cause the actors play was quit good and if u watch this movie in the cinema with 3d surround sound, u will feel with your as all the things the HOLLYWood tryed to incornate.

The book is one thing, we r not talking about book's, we r talking about the movie.

I had good audio system (5.1) and i must admit that the sound was exellent. You may disagree with me but i still think thet the book was better. Maybe when l first read this book i was much younger and it made more impression on me...

Btw did anyone hear something about Fast & Furios 2? The first one was exellent movie!

2 Fast 2 Furious :)

yeah it seems quite nice....

check the trailer here

Too big! And too lazy! :D Don't want to to download it! Can't you just tell me what it will be about? :roll:

well havent seen it yet...but apparently faster and even furious ;)

lotsa shooting, lotsa racing...the usuall ;)

and tuned cars just like mine :twisted:

When you'll see this trailer post here you review, ok? I am waiting for this film. The first one made great impression on me!
Btw is your car realy so tuned? :wink:

fuck no :)

just tuned sounds, build myself a new trunk, and some slight interior tuning....

Dont like cheap ass tuning on a crap car :P.

Anyway if u tune your interior but leave the outside crap, other people dont even know what u got under the hood its even more fun to smoke em...or let them listen to your bass...instead of there own :)

Do you have such cool things as neon lights under the car? :)
It's a good way to smoke other drivers but how about speed limit? Btw Are there any races in your city at nights?

Well if the tlak started about cars then i cna join :)
My dads friend drove me on Mitsubishi Evolution Tommie Makinnen Edittion. DAMN!!!!!!!!1
320 horse power!!!!!!!!1
He tuned he a b it, made a better gas system , gas turbo and etc. So awsome baby. He wins evrybody in our city race's!

Nah, i'm scared of driving... well not really scared but dont feel tempted to undertake and driving and get a licence. I cant breath in cars, cant stand them... but i'd love to work in F1 :P I'm hoping to apply there when i graduate from university. So, dont get excited when u see me on F1 Grand Prix.

i'll be the guy cleaning the tracks LOL hehehe :lol:

LOL and i will be the dirver dude :)

And i will be the technical supporter! LoL A good team gathered here! :lol:

Yeah. We will take 1'st place form the end :) :lol:

So people don't loose after ending the university/college we'll take all the prizes. LOL :D
Btw we are talking about movies here, right? Does anybody know what will be T3 about?

BIO Close this thread plz :)

RedDragon wrote:

BIO Close this thread plz :)

why would he close it? i think it is funny.

BlaZe wrote:

Does anybody know what will be T3 about?

trailer -

site -

Site is cool but too long it loading too lazy to wait! :) Anyone know what it will be about in general?

BlaZe wrote:

Site is cool but too long it loading too lazy to wait! :) Anyone know what it will be about in general?

Destined leader John Conner — the target in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, who now runs a computer programming company — hacks into Cyberdyne Systems' computers and discovers top-secret operation "Skynet." Soon thereafter, two terminators are sent from the future: The T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent to protect him from the T-X, a nearly indestructible female terminator able to change shape and disappear altogether.

BlaZe wrote:

Site is cool but too long it loading too lazy to wait! :) Anyone know what it will be about in general?

new trailer

2 terminators. One ptotects, one kills i have already seen this somewhere! :)