my website,

I am just beginning in the way of webdesign, still some advise and tips will be usefull. So if you got some let me know my 2 websites urls are these: (my website i did the most and still need to be updated) (second one )

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Well giving the feedback to the websites :


The start page looks good, but please remove the music file, cause i was just cruising in net with a Method Man's " How High" tracks as i heard that HARD trance stuff. Same happened when the main page loaded, just make possible to turn it off please. Also i would suggest you to get rid of frames and make a full layout in flash, cause i see that you can work in it. Sorry i couldnt finish cruising the artworks cause of that music .

CONCLUSION: Good website with possibly good content, just needs some works, make sure you note all mine suggestions.


Looks interesting. But that music again :D Good artworks :D Liked the mad Dwarf. Seems like you just launched, so i guess the website will grow bigger in future.

All in all good websites, which need more content and some design fixes.


Thanks for the review, indeed there are still changes to make in the layout, the music is getting bored so i will search only one for the intro and not in the website layout. For the rest i am already creating some new graphics borders without frames in flash only some bugs need to be deleted. And text content to get fillend and some artworks. So you are right frames are not nice to watch when the logo is in flash. Maybe some method man's tracks will make it richt:) hehe,

nice to do something in my spear time , because reading books is not my strongest point:)

Thanks for you're advise about my websites

"Resistance is Futile" Best Regards, Axodry

1) Navigation and the main construction looks good but too simple I think. And I also think that it will be better without frames. O and music is good, but I saw this site at night so my parents wanted to kill me (my speakers are wery powerfull :)). Interesting header but it's quality could be better... try to antialise some of the lines.
2)I like this one. Nice and clear design, good colors... one word... GOOD!

Heres the detailed review:

Both sites need major restructuring. Think about the placements of the sections, they need to be organised in a way that helps the USER. Having background sound playing without a button to stop it or turn it down is SUICIDE for any website owner. Not everyone will enjoy the same music, and frankly having the same song playing gets very very irritating and annoying very quickly - the visitor will not return to the site again.

The first site uses too many frames, thats not the way to go. Start simple and build up on your layouts with one thing in mind - the visitor experience. Choose a sensible colour scheme with a balanced contrast between the text and the interface so its readable. The same goes for the style/font used too.

The second site is a little better but still makes similar mistakes. The user cant really tell where the menu is, since there is no mouse/cursor indicator when u hover over it. You have to assign another cursor for links to solve this bug. Have a look at Biomutation's CSS stylesheet and learn how i've overcome this problem!

You have the skill but you're not applying them in the right way. I recommend you follow the tutorial i've written about the WebDesign Success Tips Tutorial :arrow:

Thanks for the good review i will work on some of the ideas


Well, as bio said

don't be afraid to use Contrast more contrast, because it's look like sad website

anyway it's good start keep the good work

i know, its a little at the dark site.. because some of the photos where grey i did it but i will work on it

Thanks for the tips & Advise

But Axodry the main and best tip is to think yourself: if you be trying to follow different peoples advise you wont come to any result. Long time ago i been talking to Noxcel who said a really good thing " Why you listen to those moffos on forums? They just cant do normal stuff and can suggest different bull****. " well it looked like that, not clear quote. Choose the line you like and slowly but truly modify it.

i am already modifying some things, the tips and advise are just usefull .. because i can follow my own road but learning something isn't a bad thing

just hanging around here:)

for ur first site, the splash, i have a question.

What program did u use for that 3d cube floating around and moving? Flash or 3d max? or whas it like a plugin for 3dmax???

Thanks man. Keep on working on the site it will get better!