House of 1000 corpses

Anybody watched it? It is damn insane movie. Never seen so much blood, pain, shouts andetc. all in one movie. Now i imagine what satanists are, damn sick people! Who thinks he is tough watch this one, find this movie and try it. If anybody watched it tell me how you liked it?

Nope, never heard of it till now. Is this relativly new or an old movie?

I suggest u guys watch BRAINDEAD - its sick! Trust!

BTW i think that movies are not for watching at all, it is just like DARK art in design, i hate it a lot. Gotta watch braidead when i find this one, suggest you to atch this movie i told about:
"in one scene you recognise Doctor Satan to cut the alive patient cut his brain skull with a tooth fixing machine and puting a knife in his eye" blood everywhere, damn insane movie :D