So, how does YOUR cave look...

Hehe, so, you little mutated weirdo geeks, how does YOUR cave look?
(cave == workspace)

My pic will come in a few days when I get that TFT monitor... :twisted:

TFT monitor my arse.

anyway here r mine:

i look gay i know, trying to fix that

Wow! complete with the caveman and all :P and what a spooky caveman :S

you wanna zip it?

Nope :twisted:

how 'bout I stitch an M18 Claymore mine (more info @, noobs) to your face, you'll zip it then i bet... =P

back to topic btw

*Post removed by BioALIEN. Please keep all degrading jokes to yourself not in a public forum.*

i thought i said back to topic somewhere, lemme check...its ur topic anyway, ur self destructing it meh!

hehe, yes of course, back to topic...
Nice cave there Sith, nice funky light... You're a big of a raver, eh? ;)
Anyone else wanna participate?

I'll be getting hold of a camera Sunday night, if I can find my tripod I'll do it complete with cheesey pose as well... Half expected Sith's eyes to glow in the first pic, evil lookin'. :o :D

after june 15 possibly i will post.

End of the summer when i have my 10x zoom cam :D

you'll see my pics end summer, when the new project launches

you too end of the summer? guess i need to bring my cam to you then ;)

/edit, i can come with the car then :D

b00m wrote:

you too end of the summer? guess i need to bring my cam to you then ;)

/edit, i can come with the car then :D

end of summer? Ill have my own driver license by then ^^

I was too early with the post then, eh? ;)

just a tad....well, i can 'lend' the 10 x zoom 3 MP camera i used..but I'd be killed for that

Hmm, seems i've missed a lot fo action here. Moderation has been taken care of, ELF sometimes i wonder if you really should have MOD power :?

Anyway, back to the topic. Nice PC there Sith, clearly u have too much money to spend. Too bad university is taking all of mine :x

Nothing special about my "cave" - small Compaq Evo & a Samsung TFT monitor. Rubbish speakers and a laser nonwireless mouse. The pc is so thin that i had to unplug the CD rom to fit in my backup HDisk cos theres only room for one addon. Wouldnt want any data to be lost now would we, especially when a few sites depend on it ;)

As for the caveman - well, you'll be able to meet the person behind BioALIEN when the new project launches end of summer ;)

Well Bio knowing you for some years i can make a little conclusion about projects possibly get stocked in some phase(like GfxDiary). GfxDiary looks really weak now, all announcements are not being mentioned, you take care of another project not even finishing the first one, so i propose your new project to failure.

Ok gonna describe minecave : Small table with old Samsung SyncMastr 755 DF on it, big speakers, mic, paper everywhere with different lyrics, CD-roms cluttered near monitor in no particular order, old Mitsumi keyboard, logitech wheel mouse, and new MidiTower fully charged with good content with extra futuristic Tower design. shity walls around, shity view from the mirror with the look on the old working Factory. well turning to wardrope in the room with different stuff in it like FUBU Jerseys, different Shirt, t-shirts, some boots. room walls full of big prints like : Tupac , The Prodigy , Public enemy , some cat prints also. simple bed with some bottles of beer lieing around, girls pants , many dvd disks, Sony Tv and Panasonic DVD player.

This is what mine room looks like, gonna photo it in the beggining of the summer.


Hey, who said I had money?...

Ya face says it :) You look like a richie.

nope, living in lebanon for the past ten years doesn't mean your rich


mine cave: 1m x 1m x 1m, with one computer, its all i need to keep alive :lol:

so i propose your new project to failure

we'll prove you wrong :x
several projects, upcoming this summer. Bio, me and other teammembers have been busy :lol:

Thomas wrote:

mine cave: 1m x 1m x 1m, with one computer, its all i need to keep alive :lol:
so i propose your new project to failure

we'll prove you wrong :x
several projects, upcoming this summer. Bio, me and other teammembers have been busy :lol:

ive seen his cave several times, my room is small, but my room is twice the size of his ;)

damn, 1m x 1m x 2m, can you believe it?!

Supposed to be funny heh?

/me still figures how they got that 2,2 m x 1 m bed in ;)

you shoot the bed into bits with a SAIGA and then stuff it in

LoL Sith how do you fire up with girls? You come to them like " Hey you are so cute just like M4A1 or "some other gun", your pretty lips shine liek a new chrome shotgun " and etc. ? :D

no, i frag them in UT 2004 and then ask for their msn (MaDCaT76 :) for example)

:D hrhr original

Hmm, yea, and judging by the picture he send me of that chick he got his hands on, that method is actually pretty good....
But Sith, you forgot to add that you showed her love to her by giving her a present in the form of a spaceship for her UT map ;)

Now back to topic

As soon as I get a new monitor returned I'll upload a pic, there was a dead pixel on the first one, and only the best is good enouh for me ;)

:? i've been using my monitor for 3 years now with two 3 dead pixels. One of them is right in the centre of the screen - its soooo annoying!

People i know you go with technology but TFT monitors just suck. First of those dieing pixels and also that damn bad quality of picture on them. No matter what you think normal monitors just stay the best.

My CRT is just fine... If I had a surplus £1000+ to spend on a decent TFT I probably would, could use the space. The only compareable thing to dead pixels would be the two parallel wires that run across the screen, but they're less than 1mm thick so barely noticeable, not to mention they are intentional.

RedD, those comments have absolutly no weight behind them - technology moves forward no "backwards" ;)

Although mine has a few dead pixels i have to admit, i'd NEVER go back to the old monitors. The picture quality on my monitor is amazing cos to its high pixel count. But i've seen some of the new 17" - 21" TFT models and i have to say - their image quality has gone down a little :?

Maybe cos they're so cheap these days!

Lol who said that TFT technology is a future? Possibly, noy despite it safety it still gives bad picture. And also they dotn work as much as normal ones.

I thought I'd go back and dig this list up. The last part '...they don't work as much as normal ones' is an un-justified comment, an opinion, not fact. This thread has kind of wandered off topic; oh well.

TFT Pros

Takes less space/Light weight
Easier on the eyes
Produces next to no radiation
Generaly better ergonomics
Less power consumption
Longer life-span
Sharp images
Portrait mode optional
Larger viewable area
Doesn't suffer from magnetic interference
Generaly better aesthetics.
Thin bezel, they can be combined with other flat-screens and placed side by side. e.g work area one monitor, panels & tools on another.

TFT Cons

Poor(er) colour representation
Slower response times
Dead screen pixels
Would you risk damaging it to clean it ?
I've seen .gifs that can display more colours than the cheap models.

CRT Pros

Good colour representation
Displays fast graphics normaly (no ghost trails, banding, latency)
Short term cost effective
Softer blended gradients, (better for photos period.)
Can be punched without causing damage.
Faster response time
Higher refersh rates

CRT Cons

Bloody big/heavy
Emits radiation
Eye strain more likely
Shorter life-span
Higher power consumption
Higher heat output
Affected by magnetic forces